Did 3s new characters actually ruin the balance?

Think about it.
If 3s just had 2I rooster (but with 3s versions of characters), maybe it would have been more balanced overall.

The 5 new characters are unbalanced. Q, Remy and Twelve suck (from a gameplay standpoint i mean - i like their designs), while Chun and Makoto are overpowered.

SO, the first 3 mean nothing.
Take away the 2 bitches.
Ken is still top, of course.
But many characters benefit greatly from the abscence of the 2 bicthes.
Akuma suffers a lot from them.
He’s actually a very good character, he can hang pretty well against Ken, and he isn’t too bad against Yun.
Dudley dies to Chun Li. Take her away, and he can dominate.
Urien dies to Makoto. Again, take her away and he doesn’t have nightmare matchups (some slights disadvantages, but that’s acceptable).
Alex is a lot more viable without the risk of encountering Bitch-Li.
Hugo loses his worst match too.
Yang would benefit from Makoto’s absence too (more than Yun imho).

you are a damn retard all characters have their pro’s & con’s. And dont ever talk shit about my boy Twelve.

All these SF2:AE people are getting on my nerves. I liked this board better 6 months ago

Hol Horse: Good question, I think that Ken and Yun will just be top, Dudley loses to Ken (although I think it would help him not only because Chun is gone, but also Remy), Urien would still have trouble with Alex and Akuma. Alex and Hugo still lose to half the cast. You are right about Akuma though, it would help him out alot.


i agree with the Chun-Li thing. she’s just too damn hard to beat. even not-so-experience Chuns can still give problems just because she’s got too many options. and yeah, especially against Dudley. i speak from experience. hehe.

i personally don’t mind Yun too much. only thing is that he runs away pretty damn well. Ken is the only one really that pains me. not as much as Chun, but enough.

dudley never loses to ken like crap …

ken got cornered by dudley … awww here comes the game

about Dudley: yes, Ken is a bad match, but nowhere as hard as Chun is (I actually have fun playing Dudley against Ken, even if it’s not easy at all).
I forgot about Ryu too, he would benefit as well imho.

yeah, I love cornering Ken with Dudley :smiley:
(anyone really, but against Ken it gets more tasty)

good ryu, ken, yun, twelve, necro, urien, yang can beat chun. chun is just as over powered as yun and ken so ppl should stop complaining about her or start complaining about ken and yun as well.

so what if the new characters r underpowered not having them there would remove alot of the balance/diversity the game already has. they r under powered by a old view point but maximizing there strengthes and covering there weaknesses a player can be pretty satisfied using them. thats why u see elena’s springing up becoming high mid tier now cus more ppl use her.