Did a big update to the Abel wiki


Still a WIP. Focused mostly on talking about normals. Fact checking please? Any important details I left out.

anybody even going to read it you think? :lol:

nice shit… i think you got everything there :rofl:

Isn’t a little redundant to list startup frames/damage/combo ability when all that stuff is listed in the frame data right below?

It is, but it saves noobs some legwork and makes things more accessible… was inspired by the great job whoever did on Q’s wiki page

Wow thats nice, I made brief changes to the Giantbomb wiki, but you went all out :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work dude, very useful

Holy crap!
Good job, my man.

thanks dudes

Filled in some brief blurbs about Abel’s special moves, focus attack, and ultra as well…

bravo sir! fantastic work!

Thanks, this was very helpful for a new Abel like me.

Thank you! This is a nice update.

Nice job man, very useful.

nice job man mustve taken you awhile

Great stuff mate – one quick thing I noticed with close standing strong, you mention it’s comboable into jab CoD, but it also combos into strong CoD as well… Really good work though, it makes digesting this info a LOT easier

You should mention that the Ultra has 5 frames of FULL invincibility, which you can use to beat low meaties. The second hit of Guile’s sweep is a prime example (although it’s not technically a meaty).

Right now it says it loses to low meaties, which is just plain wrong.

sorry, I guess? :rolleyes:

I did it at work so I got paid for it :lol:

Great job on the wiki! Just a few suggestions:

Close fierce is his best close anti air. Cancel first hit into short/roundhouse roll.

Far strong good for stopping Blanka roll.

c. strong always combos to strong COD for me. In fact strong COD (-3f) is safer than the jab (-7f) version.

c. fierce is good for moves with armour such as Boxer’s EX dash punch since it is 2 hits but its too slow to do on reaction.

j. fierce is Abel’s best air to air. Dash under opponent afterwards for mind games.

Great stuff, I really appreciate your work. Now I don’t have to wade through the stickies every time I want to know something and can’t find it in the search.

Something that you should add though would be some info on close s.hk…You can also combo into a f+mk if they’re crouching and it’s a counter hit. From my experience, this works with everyone but don’t quote me on that.

Real nice. Good shit.

I’ll be doing an update to this pretty quick, thanks for the feedback guys