DId an Xbox One system update sabotage my Joystick?

I was playing Sega Genesis collection with my fight sticka while ago. I try today, no buttons work.

I don’t know if it’s a local problem or an Xbox lockout of unauthorized sticks. Just checking the community who use either unathorized joysticks or controller converters to check to see if it’s just me or more.

FIrst my joystick won’t move the cursor in the OS when before it did, so it’s an OS related problem, not game specific. I tired all directions and buttons. Noresponse.

I’m using a Zerodot PS2 to Xbox One adapter. I notice there is no light on the adapter, even though it’s plugged in to the Xbox One USB

If ti matters what type of PS2 joystick I’m using, I’m using a StreetFighter 15 PS2 joystick. (there were 3 versions. If it matters, tell me how to tell the difference between the 3, and I’ll state which version) And if this matters, north and south, as well as east and west, as well as each power level’s corresponding punch and kick are wire-swapped to make a righthand mod. All other joysticks that are off-the-shelf would cause button contour problems when invert-modding.

To make sure it’s not the joystick itself,I’ll try Street Fighter 30th using a PS-> Game cube, and a GameCube ->Wii U / Switch adapter and try. If I can’t play that, then there was no Xbox One boobytrap. Time to repair the joystick.

If the SF30 Switch does work with the stick, I want to see if others experience simlar problems. If you have some sort of unathorized set up, and more than mine are locked out, but some still work, then it make a an imperfect lockout only effecting certain combination. If it’s just me, it’s a local adapter device problem.

I can probably rule out my joystick. The L/R to register a controller on the swithc, the joystick and the A button work. I just bought Street Fighter 30 for the Switch to test it.

Colorful small-talk tangential details

Normal price $40. Got the last one at my local Wal mart for under $20. f you own either the PS4 or Xbox One version, don’t have the Switch version, and are waiting for a sale to justify adding Nintendo players to youronline list, now’s a good time if you can find it.

By the way there’s an update. A two minute or less ordeal for most people. I live in AmishNet land where the DSL is the Only wired network that’s game friendly, and the fastest it goes at my house s 1,6 Mb/s in, 4r00 kb/s out. Fifteen minute wait while it loads.

By the way my retro downstairs Mac is no longer compatible withSRK forum. Safar requies most recent OS to work. Max OS for my old computer is 10.9 Luckily Firefox and Chorme extended the b rousing with current browsers for older OSes. Well Chrome says no more 10.9 updates and (maybe?) Firefox has no more 10.9 updates had to go to a 10.14 Mac to post to SRK.

Better use time typing than sitting at my Switch staring. Will complete testing once time is up.

Also it may be my USB hub. I’ve been having troubles with that recently. If it works directly, then false alarm. If kit doesn’t work directly, then maybe there is a lockout in the update, maybe there isn’t. I need data from more people to know better.