Did anybody besides me play Gundam Battle Assualt?

I was playing the Dynasty Warrios Gundam Demo and got the thinking about G.B.A.(well, that’s that US name anyway.) Me and my friends got into this game a few years back. It was actually Pretty fun. It was a mash-up fighter and had alot of characters and mechs from all over the gundam-verse…

…and Wing Gundam was in the u.s. version for some reason as a re-skin of Z Gundam.

Playability wise, it reminded me of a vs. game without the team stuff. There were no rounds. Instead you go three life bars and went into a stunned state whenever you lost one.

Every character was very different than the next, but they all had the same commands. for example, every projectile standard attacks (every character had one) was :d: :r::p: so it was kind of easy to get into.

for a fan-service game it was actually pretty damn good. Anybody else play it?

I played endless duel if that means anything. Deathscythe rules all in that game. Epyon and Heavyarms was definitely up there.

I actually neverp layed that. Wasn’t it for the SNES?

GBA was a ps1 game. I heard they came out with a sequel, but I never played it.

Was this the one for DC or PSX? If so, I saw it and considered buying it when I was younger, but never did.

The one for psx. I also played Gundam assault. If its the one with master asia yeah I played it. He and somebody else was to the point of broken-- like being broken ever really mattered if you are good enough to get around things. ppl who complain use what we call johns.

I have a friend who’s really into that, I tried it a few times but the controls felt too clunky and dumb for my liking. The only Gundam I could stand watching was G Gundam, so I usually went with Master. Fool was broken…

As he should be. It’s Master Asia, damnit.


I’ll have to collect all these…

I played Gundam Battle Assault, strictly for fun. Heero’s ghetto Shinshoryuken FTW. :bgrin: Hydra Gundam was FUCKING HARD. :sad:

i have gundam battle assault 2. gundam heavy arms is broke.

Did GBA3 suck?

never played it

I could have sworn there was a thread about GBA2 a little while back. As for Heavyarms being broke in GBA2, it all depends on if the opponent has an I-Field or not. Because if they use ZZ, Heavyarms is boned.

never thought about that. does the i field protect against heavyarms unblockable missle?

I never liked part3, kinda did suck for me the others are much better.

Does anybody remember Nu Gundam from GBA 1? I never messed with it much, but besides that crazy startup time on it’s funnel mode, it fealt overpowered as shit.

nu was in gba2 also. It and some other mobile suit dont have a super

Wow people are talking about this again. Decent game I still play it today on a messed up copy. Nu gundam wasn’t so hot and Ball didn’t have a super. I’ve been trying to find GBA 3 but its nearly impossible unless its on Ebay.

I didn’t take the time to analyze each character, but Char’s custom Zaku II was retarded. :stuck_out_tongue: That had to have been the fastest character in anay fighting game I’ve played.

What was Nu’s super? I don’t even remeber if it had one.

the game is made retarded by a few characters, unfortunately…

rx-78 roundhouse poke into gundam hammer 3 times means ggpo

maxter rushdown/mixup into infinite 3 times means ggpo

master asia masterblocking everything into super means ggpo

i can go on…

It’s a really fun game

that being said, everyone should start playing Gundam Seed Destiny for GBAdvance, it’s fucking great. If anyone likes, I can write stuff up about the system/characters/strats…etc.

oh yeah and GBA3 was terrible

Master asia was great. And Sandrock traps are nice in my book. Wing was decent too.