Did anybody else panic

when they noticed that the comic book forum wasn’t in its usual spot on the front page of the forums? I think I almost died.

Yeah seems like it’s part of SRK’s reconstructioning, with Street Fighter 4 coming out on consoles soon it’s not unexpected.

Thanks to everyone who has helped support the Comic Book Forum in the past and hopefully will continue to do so. :tup:

My first reaction was “Where’s that link I normally click in between GD and getting my ass over to the Computer Help under Tech Talk?”

Yeah, I don’t frequent this, but I still check this once in a while.

Least it’s still around.

I did too. It totally screws with my clicking habits. I try to go back to GD from here and I end up in Image Mishmash.

A bunch of people I PMed about the change just in case they didn’t know. Let me know if there’s anyone I missed. In random order -

ChairHome, DS, orka, P. Gorath, Shin-Mech-Brian, akumatrunigga, box, Cody Travers, jamarmiller, T-hawk, Endless, Kusanagi02, martinitolove, ReggieHadoken, Tizoc, Apathy-Inc, MattMoylan, Pained Auron, udoneko, Zephyranthes

Infested Jester’s PM box is full. He’s been AWOL for a while, mostly posted in the Action Figure Thread.

Thanks for the message. I usually go to my UserCP, which lists all my subscribed threads, before I browse GD and the other forums.

If the Comic Book Forum ever gets shut down completely, we’ll have to go old school. You know, start a mailing list and use the post office and stamps and crap.

I checked my UserCP after I didn’t see it in the top section and just figured they demoted it to the lower half of the board.

Which is unfortunate because scrolling down is not something I think I’m ready to do just yet.

Yeah I do the same lol!

PMed Grog, Sheng-Long, Carpet Lint, Pryde, gabrielzero, Gasaraki, devastator, Satomiblood, jgreen, Vmanofmana and wakasashe. Adam Warlock’s PM box is full or something, ditto for orochizoolander. Again if I missed someone either let me know or pass the message along just in case. Thanks!

Have you tried leaving them messages on their profile pages? I’d do it, but I’m ninja posting in the middle of class.

Nah but it seems like most people are still around and posting, no worries. AW whose box is full is posting and orochi was kind of come and go. Well both are really.

Yes!! I PANICKED!! Hardcore!! LOL

And then I was like, maybe it’s moved to the bottom. And lo and behold, here I am. Comic forum rocks!! = )

I was thinking I really chose the wrong week to go see a mouse’s big golf ball…

note1: I didn’t see a single capcom game there :sweat: newest (only :wonder:) fighter was Tekken 5; didn’t look too hard either…

note2: there hollywood park plays the superman theme in a show about movies but never shows the S-man (super or even spidey)

I think you could best sum up my reaction with the spotted noise from MGS. ;0!