Did anybody lose their shit this year?


I’m just curious

It seems like the vibe came out much more positive this time around


I lost my mind, over how awesome the matches were.


Gootecks lost his stick. Its a TE with ‘SF4 get hype’ written on the back of it.


Someone took my TAC adapter while I was playing 3S. I made a thread about it last night but no one bothered to reply. I guess I’ll put it in here too.


my pants


Daigo also signed his stick (??)


My virginity… seriously casino sluts are awesome!

J/k wish i coulda gone evo…


That’s fucked up about gootecks losin his shit. I lost some OG RayBans too.





Someone stole my Evo 2008 DVD set from my camera bag when I was on the stage. I can’t find it anywhere. I know I had those inside.

I did find someone’s Dell power adapter that was left as I was leaving on Sunday night. If anyone can identify where it was located, I’d be more than happy to return it.


The Rio maids took $100 from my room when I went swimming, but that wasn’t any player’s fault. Still sucks.


my stick broke, I pu tit under my friends backpack, hopeing the stick fairy would come and magically fix it, instead it’s just gone.

If anyone see’s a street fighter SE stick with 6 red hori buttons, a hori stick, and 2 stock black buttons on the end it might be mine!