Did anybody peep the ninja update on ggpo.net?

ggpofba source code released, with documentation on ggponet.dll’s functions.

the api seems pretty intuitive. i would say that even an idiot could implement this into their emulator/game…

Give up dude, SNK won’t take the hint

holy shit this owns, bump

someone put it in whatever mame ui people use these days thanks



No, but someone could emulate their games, then put this netcode in. That is what I think is going to ultimately happen.

who do we mail this to…

i’d assume you still need a license if you want to use it for commercial purposes?

Just downloaded and took a SUPER QUICK look. Seems like the GGPO super high-level calls are there, but the bulk of GGPO is still wrapped up in a DLL. So, it’s not like all the magic of GGPO is available in source. Just the ability to call it’s functionality in FBA. Still…really cool find! Thanks man!

so that doesnt mean the ability to call its functionality in any other program? :frowning:

Honestly, I’m not sure yet. Just checking SRK between playing matches online right now. Just giving a quick glance at the header files, it didn’t look super open to me, but I could be wrong. I’ll probably take a longer look tomorrow or sometime later this week…

twinkle twinkle little star, how i ponder what you are

(this is really cool)

Badass. Hopefully the Naomi/Atomiswave emulator programmers will use it (if it can be applied to other programs).

Old, that’s been there since February.
The source for the netcode isn’t avaiable.

Can this be put into Supercade (which uses FBA as well) ?

Supercade (which sucks arse) uses NFBA. The netcode is in the form of a DLL and I presume there’s code which links the emulator to the DLL, I guess it’s possible.

This would combine three Sacred Weapons (good netcode, wide selection of games, keyboard user-friendly approach to button shortcuts) together