Did anyone actually play SVC chaos?

So recently I found an old hard drive of mine, looked through it and found videos of games I was playing during 2003 or 2004. One of the games I forgot that I was playing a lot of was SVC chaos and it made me wonder if anyone else actually enjoyed this game or if it was just a major disappointment to everyone but me.

Something about that game was very appealing to me, even if it felt a bit rushed and part of me is hoping SNK/playmore will do another Capcom vs with them helming it.

I played this game a lot as a child.

I saw a review of it in EGM and showed my brother it when I saw Zero was in it and we were like HOLY SHIT MUST BUY RIGHT NOW.

It was a lot of fun back then, but I still find it fun today. Though some of the characters were really lacking, it had a fun cast. SvC Geese is probably the funnest incarnation of Geese I’ve ever played.

**SRK’s SVC Chaos Thread **you"ll find it in the KOF section. Were SRK shoves most of the other SNK stuff in.:slight_smile:

Isn’t it really bugged?

Wasn’t Zero broke in that game?

Very much so. I did not play it for more than a year but if memory serves me right Geese and Zero were assholes that dominated. If not for them I think this game might have seen some longer play time.

Geese had a 2 button infinite. Zero had an anti-air infinite and he was just an amazing character in general.

I spent 50 bucks on that game cause it was an xbox live title, and I didn’t have XBL.

Game was fun, but I spend most of the time trying to unlock the last two characters. I’d get far, then I’d run into Orochi Iori and get bodied.

Yeah, i’ve played it. It hasn’t aged well.

Dimitri is a spamming bitch.

played it on a modded ps2

shit was hilarious
the throw system was…terrible and inconsistent though





• Tessa is a cheap bitch
• SNK dialogue at its finest. Seriously, it’s hilarious how bad it is sometimes.
• Play in real earnest! No eskay. FAI! KAY-AOOH!


• “True” endings involve beating Athena or Red Arremer. As SNK bosses. Shit allllllll over the screen. Good gravy.
• Geese and Zero
• Midnight Blissed Hugo is scary

Also, the controls/input detection/engine in general feel weird.

I played it and kinda liked it. I get why people dislike it, but I thought it was an enjoyable way to kill a little time. Course, I kinda like CFE, so maybe I’m not the best person to ask. :wink:

its fun if youre not serious, SNK Demitri looks >>>> Capcom’s. And I’ll only play it with infinite MAX mode and Exceeds.

SvC is the shit.

The biggest problem with SvC was that it wasn’t CvS3.

Aye. The only thing I am more hopelessly optimistic for than CVS3 would be a Guilty Gear vs Dark Stalkers.

The game’s kind of mediocre, but there’s a guilty pleasure I get out of playing it for some reason. It certainly doesn’t hold a candle to the CvS games, however.

So far Zero’s been broke in every fighting game he’s appeared in.

That was far from the biggest problem with SvC. The game is unplayably bad. GCFS anyone?

Top Tier does not equal Broke.

Zero had an anti air infinite in SvC, making your opponent deathly scared to jump. mirror matches were basically… “first who gives into jumping first loses”

Geese had a 2 button infinite, that I think went like this: HP xx F+HK, dash and repeat… or something like that… I couldn’t find videos of either infinite because they’re so obscure I suppose…

Honestly, I feel this game is on par with CvS1… Broke ass Nakoruru with her vague mixups and inescapable bullshit… PLUS THAT FUCKING DAMAGE.

Not to mention, when somebody had a 4 ratio 1 team vs. another… OMG 9-14 minute matches? THEN best of 3? 30-45 minutes PER fucking set? No thanks.

Used to have it for Xbox.

The game felt weird. Don’t know how to explain it, but I know I didn’t like it.