Did anyone actually play SVC chaos?

Well, I forgot to mention that I did encounter a cab that was incredibly slow with the moves too and what not. It was on one of those generic deluxe cabs (the ones that house MvC2), and it had happ parts. It was extremely awkward to get rolling motions out on the stick, force kind of had to be used. And charge moves felt like they would take an eternity to come out.

I honestly don’t know if the type of parts have anything to do with the inputs. QCF, QCB, and dp’s come out good when i’m using jap parts. Must be a coincidence.

I never had a problem with the inputs. Maybe compared to MvC3 and SF4 but anything is hard compared to them.

Could’ve been a pirated cart. Someone 'round here used “mexican programming” to describe the game.

I remember that SNK Playmore (just Playmore at the time) confess that they make the game just because of his “two Capcom and SNK games per company” contract, but it was the most obscure time for the company, so they just develop the game as “an obligation”.

That’s too much to say. I just find it “mediocre”, but it had some decent moments.

Shame this game turned out so half-assed. The music was nothing to write home about either, lots of dull tunes.

I have it for Xbox and still play it - it really does have wonky input acceptance. I suspect that Capcom just has tuned their “slop” acceptance factor better. It may actually be the sticks, now that I think about it - I think the cherry cab I first played on in NorCal was using optical sticks, the Seattle cab used Happ championships, and the one I played on at NCR (SH/VGL?) I think had Happ championship sticks too. It’d be interesting to see the input flow vs the code with optical sticks vs cherry switch sticks, but then that’s my nerd speaking.

The only tournament I ever knew about for this was at NCR: I wish I had brought my camera that year. I got top … ten using I think Evil Ken or something. Played somebody using Zero who bodied me. So cheap, so fun. :slight_smile:

If they only had done what capcom did (make it play like their flagship title with characters from the other company thrown in) it woulda been awesome. Instead they poorly implemented a half-assed new engine system with mobility options so gimped compared to kof that it might as well have been a capcom title. That shit killed it.

But who could forget the classic stage names such as: NUDE PLACE

SvC on Neo Geo Pocket was way better.

Only thing I like about Chaos is it brought back Shiki and Tessa, two very obscure characters from both companies.

I actually really liked Shiki in this game. Rushing someone down and comboing into a command grab that reversed their controls, which gave you a free mixup…too good

Recent-ish match vids from here, mid to late last year. Watch in mute because lol background karaoke. Sorry about the ye olde cellphone quality.

I think that is now a general consensus that the best thing about SVC is the character roster, pretty well selected.

My favorite part of SvC Chaos -

It’s like he’s dancing but he’s just changing color mostly. Whoa.

RE: input slop – The KOF2k2 port to PS2 had similarly ruined inputs as I understand it. BIBA MECKSKO!

So whats the tier list for this game?

SS+: shoddy programming
C-: Everything else in the game
Z+: Mars People (don’t know what a tier list is so they migrated down here)

Was super fun for me during the time it came out. Once it hit emulators I jumped on it immediately and was working on combo videos and crap. That’s when I was in my combo videos days. But for real, Violent Ken… When I saw him as a character I went bonkers. I also really liked how certain characters had certain dialogs with each other before they fight.

Top tier is Geese/Zero/Orochi Iori
After them are I believe Chun-Li/Tessa/Guile/Demitri/Regular Iori
everyone else
Then it’s like Claw/Dic/Hugo at the bottom

Boxer has to be at the bottom. Worst incarnation of him. Has no range on any punch, no hitboxes, and P super really sucks.

Violent Ken was fun but not that good if memory served. Other than a really high damage EX combo (thought it was wierd your EX super could only be done on your second life bar) he didn’t have a whole lot going for him.

Also GC’s were kinda dumb in that game if I remember right. Really made characters like Claw/Hugo really bad.