Did anyone catch any cody's on Revelations or CEO2011 streams?

I didnt see a single one from the time I spent watching. Top 16 on both sides are codyless… I search for “cody” on the eventhubs.com fight log … 0 cody in logs or comments… Is cody THAT bad when it comes to high level?

Can someone recommend some cody player names to search for on youtube to quench my thirst for high level cody players since the video thread has been pretty dead lately. One change I would have loved to have seen for AE cody was a faster back dash… That one simple thing could have helped a lot without breaking him. I’m still rocking that lowtierarmy though, it just sucks there’s no top player to follow and root for on majors, as corny as that sounds.

One last thing, what would be the bnb combos/setups that you would consider someone “MUST MASTER OR JUST QUIT CODY NOOB”?

Cody has problems against rushdown characters considering he doesnt have a lot of safe reversal moves and he just lousy when it comes to defense. But i still think he is competitive. i dont really care if he doesnt make top 16 ever, he still beast :slight_smile:

There is Ryan Hunter of Option Select fame, Chris “Fascinating” Hu (Team Spooky?) and this one beastly japanese player online who goes by i8600011. there are too many videos so just look these guys up on youtube. those are the players that come to mind for me.

you should really check the noob guides and starter guides on the stickied threads. they can help u. but my BnB are f.mp > close.mp > cr.mp > hp.CU. It has two 2-frame links. pretty easy if u practice. other good combos are like his nj.HP > cr.HP > hk.ruffian xx FADC xx U1. idk :stuck_out_tongue:

i know ryan huner was @ ceo, caught him doing commentary twice(goodshit) but i dont think he made it out of pools afaik
been watching more ceo since its an atlsouth tourney… so even less of a chance to catch west coast cody(any left?)
& if you are checking the stickies in this subforum youll probably run across these, but ill link them anyway:
ryan hunters stuff @ option-select.com & packz cody blog

I main Cody and I entered ReveLAtions. I went 0-2. :3c

Ryan placed 7th in Marvel, but idk how he did in AE.

thanks for that cody blog link, didnt know about that one. Also I think im gonna have to master those mp combos.


I’m sure I say a Cody in Revelations, went by the name of Noej I believe…

There was a cody on stream by the name of TJ IIRC but perfect legend just ran over him with his Akuma. Not really a great match for Cody anyway.

I wound up getting 17th in AE. Lost my first round match to OMG itz Andre (Chun) on 3 execution errors back to back, then went all the way through the loser’s bracket to semis, beat Andre, then played PR Rog in loser’s finals. Beat his Yang game 1, and then he beat me with Balrog 2 straight. 1 game away from qualifying in both games ;o

got any replays ready? :stuck_out_tongue: