Did anyone ekse notice a certain ad on the stream?


I found it funny that they had a Morton’s Salt ad on ustream during evo. Did anyone else see it?


I saw that. I was thinking Ad Sense was really doing some serious cyber-ninja, matrix-style algorithm to get that ad on a FG stream.




that’s funny as fuck


Now only if that ad would have come up when J. Wong lost to Gamer Bee. haha


To be fair, that mortons salt ad was showing up a lot prior to Evo on Ustream, I’ve noticed it a lot the past few weeks, but that could just be from all the recent fighting game streams getting popular


Thanks for confirming that. I could have sworn I saw it, but I thought I was going crazy.

EVO needs to get that sponsorship. Then the next time someone gets salty, they can win a lifetime supply as a gag gift or something.


lol i thought it was the streamers putting it up. told my friend to close it and surprise it was an actual ad. its pretty funny


Morton’s was all over the salty suite stream too. Good times.


hella sea salty

haha i had to SS when i first saw the ad :



I wouldn’t be surprised if those are targeted ads. Google does it, why wouldn’t ustream? Think about how often salt, salty, mortons, get’s typed out in a stream chat.


Who’s Morton?