Did anyone else have terrible execution when they first started to learn SF4?

I’ve been trying to really play and learn SF, but I get discouraged by how bad my execution is. I’m use to how easy MK was, since I really just played that, and after Injustice came out, I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would, so now I’m back trying to learn SF again, but as I said my execution is terrible, so I was wondering if anyone else had this problem before, and what exactly you did to help sharpen your execution.

everyone starts with bad execution. easiest way to deal with it is to hit up training mode. do you suck at fireball motions? throw 100 of them a day until they’re not an issue. combos are challenging? same general idea.

also the more complex you get (longer combos for example) the more beneficial you’ll find it to break things down. so you don’t have to learn the whole combo at once, you can learn distinct parts and string them together.

On the bright side, SF4 has probably the most forgiving execution barrier of any game in the series. so though it may be frustrating at first it shouldn’t stay that way. just keep in mind that if you travel back in the series you may find your execution needs further refinement.

one more idea: you can practice your execution in Super Turbo. the execution there is more strict than SF4. so you practice your motions in ST, then switch to SF4 and it should feel comparatively easy.

  1. Everyone who is new to fighting games has bad execution.

  2. Want to improve execution? Practice in training mode. The stickies in the newbie dojo has suggestions.

  3. Newbie thread. Moving to the newbie dojo.

Did I have horrible execution when I first started? Hell… I have horrible execution still and I got into SF4 almost 2 years ago.

It’s a boring answer, but just continue to play and practice clean execution in training mode daily.

Improvement will follow… just don’t expect it to happen quickly.

^ Ditto. I don’t practice nearly enough to improve at the pace I think I’m at.

Think yourself lucky you have a training mode. Many of us started playing in arcades where every practise session cost money
and you were limited to a few hours per week.

Every person has bad execution when they start. It’s dedication and time you put in that matters.

hell, my SF4 execution sucked when I started that game, and I had already been playing 3s for several years

and yeah, back then SF4 was only in arcade, so no training mode D:

Everything is hard at the beginning when you start to learn them. Never expect to be perfect when you are new to something, otherwise you won’t call yourself newbie right? LOL

I’m also new to SF4, I don’t even know what execution is, so don’t worry man! I think you are doing good.

I started learning the game on keyboard, reached a decent level. Then I bought a good arcade stick and had to re-adapt to the controls again.
Unfortunately for SF4, the arcade stick opened the way for other fighters on GGPO and Supercade that werent optimized for a keyboard or gamepad.

another set back for SF4. not that I have any execution issues, apart from FADC. a bigger problem is adapting to the pace, setups and the slower gameplay of SF4.
Cant compete with someone who plays and trains in that game exclusively anymore, like I used to. on SFxTekken its even worse.

I’m still learning, myself.

One tip from a fellow noob… practice BOTH sides. I went into training and practiced everything from Player 1 side. It was straight-up embarrassing the first time i found myself on the Player 2 side and couldn’t do much. :frowning:

I can do my moves now, my big problem is USING them in a real match. Haha. I can pull off some decent FADC-involved combos in training… but damn… when it gets to a real match i stress out and make tons of mistakes, drop combos, freeze under pressure, miss punishes… but hey, we’re learning! We can’t be so hard on ourselves. You just need to open yourself up to assess your own shortcomings so that you can address the weak spots and get better at them!

Thanks for the replies. I’ll keep on pushing. My goal isn’t to be like some high level tourney player or anything, I just wanna be able to sit and chill and play this game when I’m bored, like how I did with other fighters. This game just seems to fun to pass up.

This is my same prob. I look great in the training stage, computer matches and such but I become volatile and unpredictable and gamble way too much against players I don’t really know.

Don’t worry, I’m sure capcom’s next game will do away with execution completely.

SFV: The card game. Developed by Sirlin.

WHen I first learned to play SF4, this was my Dan Combo.

‘Jumping MK, Crouching MK, Gadoken’

This. Last thing you want is to not be able to reliably perform your shit when you’re facing right. But, yeah, it just takes time and effort like everyone else has said. Just keep practicing. Hell, I’ve been playing SF for a good year now and I only just learned the Shoryuken “shortcut”!

I guess I’m the exception. I can’t remember ever NOT being able to do a fireball motion…

This!! I am always wondering and think what the fuck, when people write in the tech forum that they can nail srk or hadouken motions consistently with this or this stick lol. Easy as piss with each hardware.

I still have terrible execution. And to put that into context, check my join date. In fact it factors into my character selection in fighters.