Did anyone else notice\use this .. trait of Zangief?





Yep. If you can pull it off on someone using a FA in a match you are gdlk. Its more useful if you use a GH to hit a projectile and then bust it out. Still really hard to do/not super practical.


Yes, I do that to ultra. But your opponent is most likely going to do a focus when you are jumping in. I like to do Jumping hard kick into Ultra 1. You need your first hit to be as late as possible so the time between the first hit and your ultra is as small as possible, otherwise you are more susceptible to being hit with the level 3 after the first hit. The beauty is you can mash 360s while in the air doing the first hit and then just pop PPP the instant you land.


That’s a nice one WorstGief, I’ll be sure to keep that in mind next time, though I’ve run into the case of getting focus’d while I was knocked down…although mostly it was to bait a sweep or something…
Still, it can catch someone off guard due to the great distance the GH can get to without jumping, I think. :stuck_out_tongue:


Good tips fellas :slight_smile:


Yeah but, why would they be focusing from there to begin with?


To avoid Gief’s hadokens, obviously! :stuck_out_tongue:
I dunno, people do that while playing footsies as far I noticed.

Quick note:
another strike that seems to be able to cancel into super is the C.Fierce punch.
doesn’t seem like any other normal does that.


Seeing how Fei’s got good range on his FA, I usually Focus at that range quite a lot. Yeah, I’m going to stop doing that now…


This is really useful against Sakura, Fei Long, and Dudley who tend to focus a lot. If you’ve got super you can throw it out going for empty/whiff GH into Super or confirm it in a focus. It’s not too hard and extremely rewarding.