Did anyone else watch Justin Wong rail everyone with wolverine last night?



Dive->Lvl 3 is just ridiculous. Lots of air throws too.


Vids up yet?


justin let the cat out of the bag :frowning:


Wolverine’s stock went up alot over the night.


Anywhere i can get the vids of this?


I thought I found a hidden gem in Wolverine… Justin said “fuck that I’m adding 180280302 ppl to the wolv fan club.”



it was seriously CRAZY LOL so gooood looked so fun.

hopefully there are vids.


Yeah I’m pretty excited to see them. I heard he did a lot of instant overhead A with akuma tatsu?

I want to see how storm fits in. But i guess her with xfactor + meter is rough at the end.

As for the bandwagon fans. Don’t worry about them.


I think the videos will be up tonight, hopefully they are.


Thanks for info.


I’ve been running Wolverine, Storm, Phoenix just for the Xmen factor. Pretty solid so far~ though Phoenix feels like a sore thumb. Wish they had another X-man in the game.


I don’t know how Socal does it, but they are definitely ahead of the curve again…


I swear only time Seattle is ahead of the curve was early early day Marvel 2 and even that is debatable… :sad:


What’s this they you speak of? Right now, Justin’s ahead of EVERYONE. I don’t see anyone else at any higher level than what I would expect at this amount of time. Justin is just unreal right now though, and he didn’t even expect it.


Clakey is pretty good, floe is pretty good (he’s not socal, but he is there right now), Richard is pretty good, Marn is pretty damn good and who knows how many other guys that we didn’t get to see, because they loss to those guys.


His exceptional showcase was both a blessing (for some gratification) and a curse at the same time for reasons echoed above.


I am pretty sure he could do the same if he was playing any other rush down character


Justin isn’t even doing the best wolv combos but he’s so good at fighters and vs in general it’s like he just was like oh I can instant overhead? I’ll throw in storm oh i won! Who knows who he’ll en up with at evo.


Or any char


I was using a Wolverine/Akuma/Trish team prior to J. Wong rolling people, Akuma had the overhead assist instead. Kinda irks me a bit, I’m nowhere near his skill level and didn’t even know he was playing these peeps until that night, and now everyone assumes I copied him lol.

I at least learned some stuff from him, been messing with Tatsumaki assist shenanigans. All of the tricks he did are relatively easy, and he had a lot of unsafe dive kicks not punished but yeah. I’m glad the initial idea on Wolverine presented by Keits turns out to be wrong for the most part, would have been boring/predictable just doing Berzerker Slash shenanigans all the time.

Do I think Wolverine and Akuma will now be popular? Not really, people love their teams made up of Dante, Sent, Mags, Dorm, etc. to much to switch. Wolverine and Akuma is like the PB&J of MvC3 right now, they work great together.


I couldn’t even speak when I watched Justin OCV people… man wth.