Did anyone ever find out what happened to Chad?

I was one of the last few people to ever get a shipment from LizardLick Amusements, it was 5 months late and the company collapsed before I actually received my shipment, although I did eventually receive it. Some quick sleuthing implies that he is now an owner of a restaurant, but other that I have no idea what happened. Would be interesting to find out.

Yeah, not sure. I knew a friend of his, tip, but i havent spoke to him in a while. You know, Tip?

Who the fuck is Chad…


Where do people order their imported JP and KR parts from these days?

I get most of my shit from focusattack. Well, did. I havent needed to upgrade or fix anything in years. I’m one of the rare few, whose sf4 se stick worked fine for a very long time, through lots of mvc2, xvsf, tekken, and mvc1 abuse. I eventually replaced all the buttons and the stick, and have been good for going on 4 years now almost. Ive beaten the shit out of my current stick and buttons more than ever, and still going strong.

Funny, because thank god for my tekken 4 jap stick. I actually took some of the joystick button parts out of that, and put them in the se stick when the little copper tabs in the buttons just snapped.

My first name is Ryan, but nice try.

you know…Chad!

I’m doing just fine, guys… Geez.

Has it actually been so long since he dropped off the face of the earth that no one knows who he is anymore? Chad Marley, from lizardlick amusements. He’s a guy that used to run the most popular arcade parts outlet in north america for a long time, and regularly talked to the community. At some point shipments stopped getting shipped, he stopped posting anywhere, deleted all his social media, and just completely dropped off the face of the earth. Not sure if anyone knows why.

I’m pretty sure he’s a restaurant owner in Pennsylvanian now, but not 100%.

chad got chocked the fucc out :astonished:


I thought this thread was about:

Old ass map Sov, that country to the east doesnt even exist anymore…

This probably belongs in Tech Talk.


Ryan Dun’Goofed.

He’s been out of the game since late 2011 and I believe he was finalizing and catching up on old orders in early 2012. I emailed back and forth with him in late 2011 and at that point his sales were rough & the Yen/USD conversion was rough.

Last I heard from him was:

No idea whether the rest of the orders were filled or whether he dipped out without filling them or refunding them. I hope all is well with him. When he was up and running he did a solid job. Sounds like life just happened and there was some fuck up somewhere along the way.

Lots of old dudes came out for this thread. Nice.