Did anyone ever try 4h Strike?


Do you guys remember that old mod?
I know I’m late but someone just told me you can play online with GGPO, and I was wondering if any of you got it. It it any good?
Should I try it? or is it not worth the time?




No one plays it


milpitas golfland joe guy will have you know it is way more balanced than 3rd strike


Shit is garbage.


I tried it once… Stupid POS… Not worth your time. Better off playing around with system direction or dipswitches.
It was interesting to see characters with different moves but overall, it’s just a messy Mugen that’s not really better than the original.


Twelve isn’t annoying enough yet

Let’s give him genei jin


useless hack…


I played it and it did some fascinating things but no one ever wanted to try it so I didn’t get very far. If you want to give it a try some time let me know and we’ll arrange something. There are some really interesting changes in there and nothing that changes approach at all. You just don’t get to use the same timings for everything.


That’s just straight up untrue, it’s not Mugen at all it’s a romhack. Why would you post here lying about something for no reason?


4h strike is the one with farm animals



It was pretty fun to play, yeah.


Was a cool distraction for 30 minutes.


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4rd strike right after drunkstrike?