Did anyone order a TE stick from Play.com?

If so, what’s your status?

I ordered mine about 4:30pm Friday, and was told over the phone that stock had been allocated, however now it says pre-order and they are telling me I should not have been told that the previous day.


So I ordered direct from MadCatz UK store and then phoned to double check, they told me I ‘will’ get one.

I know they are making more but I havn’t owned a stick in a long time and want to jump right back in not wait 3 months and then ‘maybe’ get one of the next production run. If I dont get one from Madcatz I think im gonna build my own lol.

I ordered my SE at exactly the same time, I know it because I saw the TE and SE become available when I refreshed and have been hanging my head in shame that i ordered the SE not the TE ever since!

Im assuming they are the same shipment though and mine went from order placed to shipped this morning about 8am.

Sorry to say it sounds like they may be screwing you around to me.

That’s odd - I ordered on 16th February at around 16.45 and my status is now ‘Packing’.

I ordered on the 16th and its now been shipped

I’m guessing maybe they didnt get many, cos i’d been refreshing the page every possible chance I could get to a computer :stuck_out_tongue:

Whats done is done though, glad you guys got yours though, my fingers are crossed for gameshark to shine through, if not i’m gonna be hunting the stores on friday morning, although i’ve been in them everyday after uni anyway asking.

Gamestations manager here reckons he spoke to head office and the guy said the entire company is only getting 75 of them, and a couple friends of mine work in game and reckon they aren’t going to get any.

HMV say they have it listed but have no idea what stores are getting what or when, all they know is they dont have it as of 12 midday today.

I check TE stick from the Madcatz UK website today around 11am, Paid Via PayPal and its all paid for and sorted!

How can i tell if its shipped yet? would they send an email saying so??

Just checked again and it says there all out of stock again.

i also ordered on the 16th = “pre-ordered” status

Thats what im wondering about now, I phoned them in person and, oddly there wasnt any pre-recorded press 1 junk, just a guy picked up instantly and told me If the order went through that I would definately get one but that they were going fast.

I havn’t had any contact from them other than to let me know my order went through, I cant find out how to check the order status on the site and im crossing my fingers that it all works out. 5 Days for delivery means we definately wont be getting it on the day though.

I didnt sleep a single wink last night, im a huge limited edition ‘stuff’ nut and because its SF as well as limited edition im freaking out at the prospect I might not get one.


I just checked the website again and it says the 360 stick is out of stock, so either I pinched one of the very last ones or im likely to be in the same boat as I was with play.com earlier. :frowning: The PS3 one is currently in stock however but for how long, who knows?

So im guessing were both in the same boat!!

I think we would get a email on Friday saying its started to ship unless they ship it before Release date?

Its very annoying not being able to check that order status on the website because they do supply the order/ref number…

Also i think we MUST be getting it because they took our money right away, there was no waiting Pre-Order process…

Well, my money is gone from the account but I don’t have a transaction showing on my online statement (I did it with a debit card not via paypal)

So my guess is paypal they take straight away. However the good news is that since my money is gone but I dont show a transaction that means the money is in that stupid holding phase.

Which is good news because them having taken the money (although it’s not been processed yet) is a better sign than anything else but it still doesnt guarantee and I wont be satisfied until I get an email.

Although the notice on the website not to call with questions regarding the SFIV stick is slightly offputting.

Still nothing today, just hope tomorrow it gets sent or atleast some kind of email…

Again… nothing today.

I would of atleast expected an email today saying that its been shipped today. as i didnt pre-order and paid in full right away.

Oh man did I miss an opportuinity to order a TE stick, i though Play had allocated their allotment in mid Jan, I didnt think they were taking orders a few days ago.



I got mine today :):slight_smile:

Didnt even have to pre-order it or anything just ordered from the Madcatz UK website when it was available to buy! crazy!