Did anyone pick samurai showdown 5 on tuesday?

Anyone get this? How is the online on this?

It’s out today. It was shipped out yesterday.

I will be getting this game today. GT : Rukuss2k

is it real?
confirm please?

Just called Gamestop and EB. Pushed back until tomorrow at EB. Gamestop said they might get it in today. :annoy:

Checked 4 different stores (2 EBs, 1 Gamestop and 1 Rhino Games)…none of them had it today. All said to check again tomorrow ;__;

I managed to get a copy form Gamestop today. They only got three in!!!

Not many people on live yet. Played a couple people. The live play feels perfect. And it’s set up really well. You can set up your own tournaments. :tup:

I wish it was VSP, but this is really well done. I’d say it’s the best set up fighter on live so far.

Maybe all these delays were worth it then… :open_mouth:

How does it run compared to the other SNK Live games (KOF:MI Maniax, KOF2k3, SvC etc)?

I haven’t played any of those games yet, so I can’t say. All I know is this feels the best out of all the games I’ve played on live

Got this game this afternoon, but I have yet to try it online yet (nobody was playing :sad: ) But there is a good number of options to customize your matches.

So basically, it’s exactly like KoF on live, big whoop.

Too bad the game itself is so awful, I want a new Live game.

C’mon. It’s not that bad of a game. It’s fun to play online and that’s all I care about.

Saffy just hates the game because I like it. If I hated it he’d like it. Anyway, I’ve got it, picked it up yesterday (Wednesday). Hope to play some online goodness today.

Hopefully more people will be on tonight. I got it last night and there was only 3 other people that had played besides me and the people that tested it from other countries.

I picked the game up today, i’ve never played a SamSho game before so i’m pretty clueless about it. I’ve only put a hour or two into playing it, seems damned fun (I thought it’d play at Last Blade’s pace, but its even slower). I saw there were 3 people online this afternoon.

How does the scoring system work online. I played a guy and won 4 games, lost 2. I left the game at the retry screen, looked at my stats, and it had me as 0/1, like i’d dropped or something. Do you have to keep playing the person until they leave (if you’re the challenger, not the host), or what? How does it work?

Hope to see alot of you online tonight and on the weekend (I hope its like the first week KOF2k2/2k3 came out when there were alot of people online all the time. Hopefully it won’t be like week2 for that game where it started a steep decline in popularity after that).

I’m not really sure how the scoring system works. When I was playing someone I’d win 4-0 matches or so and then they’d exit(Or drop, I’m not sure.), the statistics would update and then I’d have one more win on the score boards. It looks like it goes by set. Which doesn’t really make sense. There’s also a level next to your name which I don’t understand how it works. I was hoping for an explanation in the book, but no luck there.

The level system is what all the other SNK Live games use. Everytime you get so many wins (or in some games, points, I didn’t check to see if SamSho has a point system in addition to Level), you get a higher level (you can also lose them by losing).

I was about to come on and complain that I beat a guy a bajillion times and got credit for one win, but I guess it’s gonna go by set this time. If everyone is playing by the same rules I guess it’s okay. I guess we’ll see if this turns out okay.

Okay, I just went 1 and 1 with a guy, and it counted as a loss. Now I am back to 0 points and rank 41 out of 41 total statistics. What the hell. How does rank work in this game?

Holy hell, I just noticed that you can delete your own statistics and start over.

Okay, and now someone dropped on me, and it seems like I earned 10 sympathy points or something. Someone write a FAQ.

Okay, maybe you can’t delete statistics… but this is all really confusing. I guess in the case of a tie, the person with the last win takes it.