Did anyone record/have the ComicCon MvC3 Tournament Finals Footage? (July 23rd 3pm)


I was fortunate enough to play Marvel vs Capcom 3 yesterday and even get in the tournament. I actually played in the finals yesterday and I believe it was streamed (not too sure to be honest). Any help in finding footage would be greatly appreciated.

The only footage of me I found was me “playing” was in the interview with Nitsuma-san. Those were the quarter and semi final matches. (I’m the short guy in the black shirt with the black and red backpack). Interview With Niitsuma-san (Marvel vs Capcom 3) @ Comic-Con, Recorded on 7/23/10 capcomunity on USTREAM. Other Technology


its all over Youtube…


you could have asked this in one of the many stickied threads…