Did Capcom know of the ROM before hand?


Iv’e always wondered if they knew Magneto was capable of an Infinite when they created the game? I mean if not than the game testers did a terrible job because Ironmans infinite is soo easy to do and to be aware of. Basically what i’m saying is did they intentionally create this game knowing there would be overpowered characters and infinites?


Odds are they didn’t know, considering the programming is reportedly “held together by strings” and the amount of infinites, bugs and even gamebreaking bugs present. They probably just went with presentation over depth with this game.

They did fix almost all the old bugs and infinites from the Arcade/Dreamcast releases when they ported to PS2/XBox, but nobody liked the changes.


Could you imagine how garbage MVC2 would be without the Magneto infinite lol actually think about it Capcom made a shitty game that’s called MVC2 and the players made it into the greatest game ever made. Capcom your biggest fuck up is a success congrats Capcom congrats!


I never have and never will undrestand how MVC2 made it so popular, the game is trash balance and gameplay mechanics wise and requires faster reflexes than a fighter pilot.


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capcom likely didnt know of ROM, though i heard that they knew about AHVB but didnt remove it due to no one taking advantage of it during location tests


I would assume they knew of it… His ROM was in XvsSF.


ROM was discovered in MvC2 first and then people went back and found you could do it in xvsf (I don’t remember where I heard this I will look for proof)


I know that the ROM infinite was discovered in MvC2 by some Japanese player, then a friend of mine told me that it was also possible in XvSF(albeit more difficult). I only know bits and pieces about MvC2, but this is the most well-known story I’ve heard.


How did word get out to America about the ROM? Considering it was found by a japanese player.


answered you’re own question there :slight_smile: more or less exactly why I love mvc2


Well, Japanese players did play Marvel back then(and possibly still do, it has its small playerbase in Japan). They might’ve either shown Americans back then(since they also entered tournaments) or the dude that found it uploaded it online or whatever. I dunno, I’ll leave this to someone better qualified to answer this; I’m like half-drunk while typing this lol


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There have been some great japanese players over the years. Mitsu, Nun,Takayuki, Dao, Liquid Metal. The Rom was discovered by a Japanese player named ‘Rom’ in late 2001. In the early days of MvC2 there were a few videos of the player ‘Rom’ on the internet. I even had some matches on CD-R. If and when I find those matches, I will upload them to Youtube.

The Rom was shown to the world by Rom in matches that were uploaded onto a website. That website has since been shut down for some reason. The Rom is possible in XSF though it was never executed in XSF until after it was discovered in MvC2. Reverse Engineering is quite remarkable.


Dao is my favorite Japanese player. Everything about his playstyle was just so deceptive, and one little crossup from him = 99% welcome to japan nigga


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I’ve heard the same thing. Isn’t there also an american player named ROM as well though?


No, there is no American player named Rom.


He’s probably talking about the 3rd Strike player, whose name is Rom.


Yes there is a Rom from Cali fool lol

Asian dude with a Afro,plays Yang in 3s and in AE


I should have specified. I meant that there is not an American MvC2 player named Rom. I only know about top players in the MvC2 community.


Dude you have to upload those ROM matches that would be amazing to see.