Did Capcom make the timing more lenient for OE?

I was curious, I played a lot of OE recently and now that my PS3 shit the bed I messed around with it on GGPO (offline unfortunately :() and noticed the timing seemed more strict on GGPO. Akuma’s basic, cr.forward/hurricane kick/dp/super that I did a million times like nothing PS3 was suddenly giving me trouble and I had to relearn the timing. I had played a bunch of online 3S on GGPO a while back as well but didn’t notice this before so I was thinking maybe OE had softened me up. I was even thinking maybe my stick was messing up.

Personally, PS3 seems to have less accurate timing than 360 or emulation.

I haven’t played on PS3 but if the timing is more accurate on OE, moving to something faster like GGPO could mess with you. I know I drop stuff for a while when switching between 360 and PS2 until I get used to it.

I can do the same combos on both 3SOE(ps3) or FBA.

Maybe that applies for the netplay. I think both systems,ps3 and xbl port share the same input delay offline.

But I am talking about offline through my perspective. I feel that that both are relatively similar but in some very small areas, PS3 has weirder timing than 360 and I have played both versions. The differences are minuscule though I must be paranoid off my ass then. Extend that paranoia when I feel that running on widescreen mode makes shit worse.

If this is true, it seems quite unfair for the ps3 port :frowning:

It’s not bad per se. I notice the slight difference when I do parry rituals when I play on both versions but it wont throw anybody off. It’s adjustable.

imo PS3 is worse than PS2.

PS3 version feels a lot more like the arcade than emulation for me. I can’t really say how it compares to the ps2 version since I haven’t played that in years. Anyways even if its different in some way I can say that its not that big of a deal, if you can do shit on 1 version you can do the same shit on the other.

Ya’ll can cut the timing differance bullshit between XBox and PS3 unless you have some real proof, please. Other than that, GGPO - that is, FBA - has different timing yes. I noticed it too after returning to it after 3SOE. Urien’s tackle comboes felt kinda faster.

That’s vaguely ironic. :wink:

I notice the difference when practicing parry trials and other parrying habits but as I said, it’s slight and adjustable. The windows seem narrower on PS3 (probably due to that 1 frame debate when SF4 was tested). However I do want more accurate testing but everyone at Tech Talk stopped bothering.

so you’re chalking up the difference you feel to something that was in another game entirely and was already proven not to apply to oe or be a console-specific problem?

i’m not saying ps3 and 360 are the same since i haven’t tried 360 but i don’t see how something input lag related could be used as the reason for a difference.

Oh it was already proven? Well nvm then.

Just wanna comment that when I played on 360 version this past weekend (I have PS3 version) my parry timing was definitely off. Could be the TV’s but yeah.

If you’re not playing on CRT then everything will be off.

If you are using Windows 7. You will be playing with input delay. You fix it by disabling aero (set your computer to windows classic) or right click GGPO.exe (or GGPOfba.exe, what ever other program u want to fix), click properties, click compatibility tab, check “disable windows compression” (or something similar).

try playing now and you should be golden

Disabling Aero and compositing won’t get rid of all the input delay, Windows 7 has innate delay even with everything disabled. So does any well-known computer OS really, but Windows 7 is particularly bad. Disabling Aero can help decrease it though depending on how the emulator handles video buffering.

3soe is the same on PS3 and Xbox. Tested as the same and plays the same.