Did DIMPS co-develop SFV?


On DIMPS’ website, they mention working on SF4/SSF4/AE and SFxT, but not SFV. http://www.dimps.co.jp/product/

On this article, it mentions that Capcom handled the development of SFV while the DIMPS president offered some advice. http://shoryuken.com/2016/02/12/ono-credits-dimps-president-for-street-fighter-vs-shorter-easier-combos/

I keep seeing discussions (just on different sites, not SRK) implying DIMPS should be credited for the game’s condition (for better or worse), but I’m not sure if they really had much to do with the game this time. Any way to set the record straight that they really co-developed the game this time?

My first post, so if I somehow made the thread the wrong way, I’ll chalk it up to beginner’s mistake.


Will this screenshot taken from the game credits do it for you?


If I worked on SF5, I too would keep it off my resume.


And what an example you set to really represent yourself, posting in the SFV forums belittling SFV - I imagine your resume looks fan-just-tastic!


As a software developer for over 11 years, I’d never put out a product in such a shoddy state as SF5 was at launch. Anyone who denies the state of the SF5 launch (as well as how poor it currently is this far after launch) is delusional. The only thing it got right is the actual fighting, which is the most important part about it. But the problem is trying to get into the matches and all of the smaller bells and whistles that are unfinished/unpolished.

The problem with people today is they can’t take any constructive criticism, and you are a perfect example. There’s no gray area anymore. It’s all black and white. According to you, you have to either be in love with SF5 or completely hate it. There’s no in between. SF5 has a ton of flaws but the game is a lot of fun at it’s core. And if it didn’t have a lot of flaws … well just look at the sales numbers and reviews.

I’m pretty sure my resume looks just fine and I’m about 10000% positive that my salary is more than any developer who worked on SF5 due to me being good at my job.


^^^^ Quality Post.


Sorry for being rude last night.

I still think it’s unbelievably silly to shun SFV like that.

You surely know that it was a team effort, and there are more rights than wrongs in the package - namely the gameplay, graphics, music, art direction, sound effects, voice acting, GUI and training mode.

The 8-frame delay and netcode should preferably have been rectified in the quality control stage - who the heck wouldn’t agree on that? But as you said yourself, everything ain’t just black & white.

Nobody would’ve even mentioned “stage enders” if Capcom hadn’t planned for them in the first place - I think they’re terrific so I definitely hope they make it in in the next and final update for this season.


It’s all good man!

I disagree with you about some of the “goods” you listed too. The music is hit or miss for me. A lot of it is really really bad (Zangief stage OMG), but then I do like some of the other tunes as well. I also think the sound effects are hit or miss too, some good some bad. The GUI is flat out terrible in this game. Everything from the menu navigation to the way Capcom notifies you about things so the overlay on the game screen. It’s like the developers did all of the GUI design and that Capcom has no concept of what UX is. I mean the main menu layout makes absolutely no sense. It’s basically a grid with absolutely no uniformity.

Also, I guess it went over your head, but I was being a bit facetious when I initially said I’d leave it off my resume lol.


I like the main menu because rather than scrolling up or down like 8 times like in SFIV, we can instead browse in four directions a maximum of 3-4 times. It’s a lot more convenient, in my opinion.

Yeah, I was a little tipsy last night B)