Did gaming changed your life?

This is a weird idea for an thread. The title says it all; Did gaming change dyour life? No doubt it did for me, I am going to be in the gaming industry and become recognized (that’s my dream). I’ll post more later on but I am really sleepy.

Learned a lot, traveled, made new friends, got into event logistics, video editing etc. so yeah…

What with the Star Wars, the comic books, the utter lack of athletic ability and my crazy-advanced reading level, video games were the final cinderblock around the ankles of my 7 year old self-esteem. It was logical.

My parents introduced the Nes and Super Nes to me when I was like 6.

My life has changed a lot since then.

seriously in most cases its a change to the worse, you would made more “real” ! friends with another real hobby, same for learning new people. You get better with gaming skills, but thats nothing, all the hours of gaming will have no fruits at all.

…Except fun…?

To be honest, I don’t do recreational things like reading books, watching movies, or going outside, because I expect some reward for it. I do them for the sake of doing them.

Are you talking about playing them or the community around them? Because both have impacted me a lot. For one, having grown up on some quality RPGs, it grew my love and skill for literature and lead to me pursuing books and eventually becoming an accelerated student due to grinding out my reading and writing skills. As for the community, more specifically the arcade scene, it’s what stopped me from being the big ass beta kid that let people beat the shit out of him because he didn’t wanna hurt other people and taught me about self respect and treating other people with respect. That’s without even delving into how it helped my social skills and prospering within a community, so I owe a lot of my confidence to fighting games and their community.

Aside from that, it’s definitely helped my hand eye coordination, reaction speed and knowledge of coding, so those are all pretty neat, too.

But it is really fun? Or are there just sometimes moments of feeling rewarded when executing a nice combo. Many if not the most players are raging a lot while playing

Obviously those hundreds of hours people put into games are because they’re simply imagining they’re having fun. That’s called ‘artificial fun’ for reference.

Yes it is fun. I play hard games, but I don’t play them for “the sense of achievement”. That’s a nice bonus, but it lasts all of five seconds.

What I play games for is the enjoyment of the moment to moment gameplay. The excitement of an extremely close battle with a lot on the line, the atmosphere and immersion of a beautiful level, the engrossment of a good story. I play games for the feel and emotion.


Also personally for fighting games, as most of my friends will attest I never get mad no matter how much I lose. It’s part of my philosophy that just losing doesn’t make a match any less exciting, so I never give up and always play to win, but make sure I always enjoy myself. Otherwise there’s no reason to be playing.

Well, I was introduced to gaming very early on being a 90s kid, so I don’t know if it changed my life, but it definitely defined it.

Dont worry about missionschabernack guys. He still has a lot of ass pain about the DLC vote for skullgirls not going how he wanted. Poor guy will never enjoy a video game again. Also if you aren’t a video game enthusiast that enjoys himself, why the fuck are you even on a video game forum?

Anyway though online gaming has made an impact for me because it is a great emotion outlet an top of the usual thing of having fun. Gf just broke up with you? Pop in GTA and drive on sidewalks for a few hours. Bad day at work? Pop in the newest call of duty and say whatever the fuck you want to people.

Sort of…

Fighting games make you negative as fuck… Like you can’t play anything else cause you’re too busy ogling at frame data, hitboxes and shit, that you can’t possibly think any other genre can offer something similar to that…
Y’see, I’d be hyped for MGR:R, 3DS, etc. but nope, fighting games got me by the balls…

fighting games are the reason I missed out on DMC’s, MGS’s, Zelda’s. All this shit everyone and their momma was raving about.
“Hey you play the new Bioshock?”
“WTF is BioShock?”

I guess in some way it did. Besides my family, close friends, work, etc., gaming is my biggest interest in life. Well, I dunno if it really changed it, though, this is kinda the way it has always been for me. My dad had consoles in the house before I was even born, so I’ve been playing video games ever since I could hold a controller.

No, not really. Maybe made me a bit lazy.


of course…

how else are you supposed to escape reality.

VR missions son. Expert at Sneaking Mission 60 and Weapons 80!


More like it shaped it.