Did i buy a fake hori :(

did hori make a non anniversary/collectors edition of the tekken 5 stick…cause i bought one jap hori tekken 5 stick and its nathing like the ones i seen everywhere else i can’t find anything about it on the web

its has only 6…it says hori on the box but not on the stick itself…it only says namco limited and playstation on it with the p logo…the box and artwork are nice tho

anyone have one of these…are they else to mod

me so sad first stick is a fake :frowning:

i think hori made two different tekken 5 sticks. let me get back to you on it, though.


this one:

or this one:

post some pics

You might have the Tekken 4 stick.

i don’t have a camera right now but it looks exactly like this one http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-m-49-en-70-26m.html

but with a tekken5 sticker on it with jin/asuka/feng/raven and kazuya

I can’t find a pic but, I had that stick and it’s authentic.

Never mind, mine was a T4 stick

Edit 2:
Was it this one?

ya thats the one is it fake…can you translate it plz


thanks…looks like its real i guess…i can’t seem to do dp well with this thing…guess its my first time with jap sticks or could be that the stick sucks i dont know and the buttons feel weird

anyone have one of these…or modded one

thanks for the help i’ll wont’ bug you guys again :slight_smile:

If and when you get your camera can you post pics of the insides plz??

You DO realize in the picture that there is a HORI logo right on the stick, center, below the artwork, right?

:rofl: :rofl:


:rofl: sonnage.


:lovin: GO RYUUKO! :lovin:

i heard that’s fake.

Hello, im the autor of the herzeleyd blogs, and that hori that you are talking is a real hori.
You can read hori below the picture, here a new photo for all.


a greeting

One more thing. The different prices of some horis, is for the components, not the name of the stick. Hori makes sticks with professional components and without it.
That stick has not professional components, maybe buttons but the stick isnt it.

Sorry for my english. I only want to explain the different. Because one hori can work fine and the other one can work poor. The diferent is the price :slight_smile: nothing more. Higher price, better components, and less price poor components.
I have anotherone, with sanwa components and personal (not hiri), but costs goes to 150 ? or more.

http://herzeleyd.wordpress.com/2006/12/13/crowvarela-arcade-stick/ Its written in spanish.

ouch. he definitely took a hit in the self-esteem department after that. :lol:

Looks like someone just repackaged the Hori Tekken 4 stick.

…Which is a repackage of the Tekken 3 stick


…Which is a repackage of the Saturn Real Arcade VF


They’ve been using that case design for ages.


The older stuff was of slightly higher quality (top panel being made of metal instead of plastic).

They’re all still mediocre for my big hands, hence I sold sold’em.