Did I just get this stick for free?


I just ordered a Mad Catz TE S Stick last Friday and everything was peachy keen. The order was processed, it took the money out of my account, it shipped, and I have it. However, I checked my account yesterday and I now have an additional $168, which is essentially what I paid for with the stick including shipping. I have no indication of any new deposits or pending transactions from Mad Catz, either. In fact, the transaction I had with them is not even listed anymore, yet everything else I’ve bought in the past month (including Wrestlemania tickets lol) is there.

My question is, has this happened to anyone else who ordered from Mad Catz? Because before I had my stick, I was down to about $10, and now I have about $180 in my account. WTF? lol. I don’t want to spend it to get an overdraft if Mad Catz is slow to process it again, but I don’t want to e-mail them in case they flubbed up for real and I actually got my money back somehow. Because after wanting a stick for two years, getting one for zilch is f’n amazing LOL.

(Oh, if it matters, I’m with Navy Federal.)


The same thing happened to me. I know my bank tends to hold money off to the side when a purchase is made. Then put it back in and then do the transfer but it should have taken it out again by now. I assume their systems are slow. Just pretend the money’s gone for a week or so. That’s what I’m doing.


Yeah, I’m assuming it’s going to be taken out again, but for it to do this to this specific purchase and not my other ones is a bit weird. With Black Friday tomorrow, I sure would appreciate another $180 to buy some of these deals I’m seeing lol, but I guess I’m going to have to just wait around a bit and no spend more than I had previously. BUT, if I do get this stick for free, oh boy, that’d make my year LOL.

BTW, I suck ass on stick, so I’m hoping I do end up getting this for free haha. I’ve been a pad player for 15 years (I’m 25). The urge to switch back to pad is astronomical.


Some retailers are slower than others with withdrawing the funds after authorizing the purchase, which is why they authorization sometimes disappears (since it expired) and a day or two later the actual charge shows up.

Mistakes do happen though.
Last year I ordered a Wii on amazon and they shipped me two; identical order numbers but two tracking numbers. I was like :party:.


wait a few days to make sure the transaction goes though
so you make sure you don’t overdraft


Agreed, but I’m not sure this is the best place to admit that fact, MarkMan may have to get your balls.


Why would he? Paqman did nothing wrong. He only asked for advice how to go about this, which is the right thing.
Furthermore there no information Mark man could act on if any other than give a memo to the accounting dept to avoid this error again.
Also Federal law sides with the consumer with such transaction/ shipping errors.
If you order a product, and you get extra with your order or the company undercharges you (or fails to charge you), you have no legal liability to the seller.

Again wait at least 3 Business days for any transactions to clear. You ether see the amount deducted or not. Better play it self so you do not overdraft.
Ether way Paqman enjoys a brand new TE, and if he is right he just scored a Free TE.


Oh, I was joking. I always forget this is the internet when I post up jokes. :frowning:


Just because something is arcade related doesn’t really validate it as an on topic thread in the Tech Talk section. Just ask/call your bank if you feel a bit uneasy on this issue or hit up an email with Mad Catz.

But I guess you want to discuss if this issue with Mad Catz has happened to any other members; I guess that would be fine.


The same exact thing happened to me about 3 weeks ago. No transaction or even hint of anything MADCATZ in my bank statement, no money taken, no anything… pretty much like it never happened. After about a week, the transaction was then shown in my bank statement and the money was respectfully taken out


looks like im buying a new stick…


Okay, this just happened to me recently. I ordered the two for 1 tvc wii sticks. Order went through, got the sticks and looked on the account and found money back with no transaction made to madcatz. Its not that I wouldn’t want to keep the money, but I just hate having loose ends like this and knowing they still might have option to take money out when they want to. Also, at the price and deal I got it for it already felt like stealing, so please Madcatz just be done with it so I can walk away from this clean with no negatives gettting back at me.