Did I ruin my controller?

I didnt know what I was doing before I started. On my 360 controller I took off the analog sticks and the triggers, but now that I look at pics of others they still have them on…should I have left them on?

You’ll just need to place in the appropriate resistor values (which I do not recall right off hand) into the correct points.

Another thing i found is that the solder points for the triggers and analog sticks were really fragile, and, more often than not, I actually had the contacts come off.

thats because you held the iron on there too long or used one with too high a wattage

Could someone give me the correct resistors and points because Im reading slagcoins points on the resistors and its confusing.


This topic is all you need trigger wise.

I found out they rip easily with a little applied force. I ripped all three the contacts on one of mine.

I ripped off my copper contact points too for the dpad (the right point). Can I still use this pcb? How do I fix this?

haha same thing happened to me, you can try finding the alternate solder point or like I did on a friends arcade stick use the analog stick.

Follow the trace, see if it leads to a small hole, then use 40 gauge wire to poke through the hole. (you can get this from a hard drive IDE cable). Use the other end of the wire like you normally would. Make sure to tape down the wire with electrical tape or hot glue.

sweet, thank you to the both of you. When you say use the other end of the wire like I normally would, do you mean to solder the 22 gauge wire to it or work that wire to the joystick? Thanks again.