Did I ruin my stick?1


I have a Soul Calibur TE and I just bought the Gamerfinger Optical PCB for it. I know jack dick about soldering but I brushed up the best I could and went at it. Everything was labeled on the PCB already inside the stick (U, D, D, R, USB) so I soldered the wires to those. But after plugging my stick into my PS3 I get nothing. The joystick registers no movement. Pressing buttons makes the turbo light panel illuninate to the corresponding button pressed but the buttons don’t seem to work on my PS3 (pressing X does not let me select things). Even the turbo and PS3 buttons don’t work. Did I bone myself completely here?


Did you mean U, D, L, R, VCC (+5 volts).
You also have to wire the ground.


Ok yeah UDLR that was a typo. theres nothing that says VCC, it says USB on the PCB, its slightly above D and closest to the plastic housing of the turbo stuff. I have the black wire (ground wire apparently) soldered to the one thay says GND (which is right next to R on the PCB)


Its VCC, trust me. The optical board needs power to operate.

Your board might say USB because that is where most people tap VCC from.
So its technically incorrect to call the point on your optical board USB.

What you attached your “USB” wire too on the controller PCB?

You might also want to post photos of your wiring.


@Darksakul here is a picture. While taking this I accidentally yanked the yellow cable clean off the PCB, embarrassingly.