Did I sell to a scammer?

First off, sorry if this is in the wrong thread. The feedback/experiences section of the trading forum is locked now, so I cant express myself and my rage…

So back in November/December when Madcatz had the B1G1 free on all sticks deal, I nabbed 2 Round 2’s for PS3.

I decided to wait for a price hike like right now since everywhere has them for $150, I’d sell it cheap, and make some money back. The buyer would get a good deal on a brand new stick too!

So I sold it on ebay for $99. This guy buys it, pays right away, seemed legit.

Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition Arcade Stick PS3 - eBay (item 220730615843 end time Feb-02-11 18:39:32 PST)

Now he recieved the stick and says the TE box is all ripped up and falling apart and says I sold him a different one than pictured. I pack my sticks EXTREMLY well and have never had an issue shipping one, NOT EVER. This guy’s trying to make me seem like I scammed him. I didnt want to be rude and accuse him of damaging the box, so I just made the excuse “oh you know, postal workers sometimes mishandle and toss around packages!”

I really think he’s just trying to get a refund, and if I refuse, dispute through paypal. Paypal will see him as the poor guy who got scammed, make me refund him, and he DOESNT ship the stick back. He steals himself a free arcade stick.

Here’s links to pictures of the TE Round 2 Box, I think he “incredible hulked” it and ripped it apart by hand. No way am I going to refund him money when I know it wasnt damaged. He took these photos tonight, they dont look that bad, looks like he pulled apart the covers on the box. The stick should be in 100% working condition since it was brand new, that thick foam padding should have protected it too.

Ebay Joystick - Imgur

I’m seriously freaking out over this because I’ve been screwed by scammers and idiotic paypal dispute judges, this time we’re talking a large sum of cash!

Does he care more about the condition of the box than that of the stick itself?

Thats what I think, but he could always lie and say the stick doesnt work, when it actually does…

From past experience, I’d say that eBay is pretty much guaranteed to favor the other guy. If I were you, I’d clear my PayPal account (withdraw all your money) so that if eBay does rule against you, you’ll at least have your cash in your possession and can deal with things without having to worry about that. I had similar things happen to me so I know that if you try to fight them, they’ll freeze your account and prevent you from accessing your funds, regardless of whether or not you received them from other transactions.

Really? Fuck ebay.

I hope you don’t get screwed.

Even if I clear my paypal account, ebay can still withdraw directly from my bank account.

interested how it turns out since i bought those same sticks and plan on selling themas well. Is there really anything stopping the buyer from always lying like that?

Transfer your Paypal money to another account. Preferably mine (I won’t spend it on vday candy I swear).

Remove your bank information from your Paypal account. Close your Paypal account.

Put in a stop order at your bank telling them to not let Paypal take any money out. Close your bank account if you want (a bit extreme but you’ll be absolutely certain that money’s in your hands)

Basically all you lose is the Paypal account (you could always open up a new one… and ask a buddy to transfer money to it for you) and your eBay account.

I would also take the dude’s email and sign him up for hella viagra newsletters.

QFT, I’ve completely quit fucking with Ebay just because of this. I sold a Broken as-is Sony Reader one time the guy decide he couldn’t fix it and he wanted his money back. I had to fight ebay and paypal nearly two months to get the money off suspension.

Then after eventually winning ebay’s so called settlement process they still allowed him to give me negative feedback since he was mad he lost. I didn’t really care about the feedback but it’s messed up since they have that stupid seller’s performace rating now.

Remove your checking account information and tell your bank to reject any transaction requests from PayPal. Make sure you find out when your last withdrawal was so that they can look it up and know exactly who to reject transactions from (do this after you withdraw all your money, of course). I actually waited things out for a few months and PayPal eventually reinstated my account and stopped asking me to pay for the BS refund.

It’s the same with Amazon. They will always favor the seller. On top of that they take hefty fees out yet really do nothing except allow you to post on the sell on their site. The mediation is terrible.

You have to protect yourself with delivery confirmation and receipts, even then the buyer can lie and say the item is damaged and there is not proof the you sent it undamaged. It’s very shady and is grounded in the hopes that all buyers and sellers will be honest. I’ve heard horror stories of how badly Amazon treats it’s employees so imagine how they treat people they will never come into contact with.

This shit’s getting to the point where you actually have to record yourself packaging and shipping the stuff you sell so that buyers don’t try to screw you.

I used to be pretty active on eBay, but fuck that shit now.

Man, fuck Ebay. I joined paypal cuz they started making that crap mandatory some 6 years ago, and a couple years later, I had to just leave that. Some assholes in Cali hacked my account and tried to charge some shit on my credit card, but I was contacted to verify the charges before they were approved. I denied any knowledge of the charges and had a new CC issued to me…and then Paypal started sending me messages saying how these three jerks were claiming I owed them money for a transaction that never happened. I kept denying, paypal kept siding with them…I just dumped my paypal account entirely. Then I noticed a shitload of complaints about how paypal always sides with the scammers. Fuck Ebay forever.

Nothing at all. Which is why I don’t use Ebay or Paypal any longer as a seller. In efforts to keep buyers returning to Ebay they will always refund the buyer without making any attempt to return the so-called defective/damaged product back to the seller.

Did you insure the package? Wouldn’t it just be easier to claim the insurance if you did? I’ve never sold anything on eBay but if I did I would definetly use insurance on everything I shipped for this very reason.

You pretty much just got bamboozled. I stopped selling on ebay over a year ago for this same reason. He may have had a broken te that he wanted to replace or he may just end up stealing it from you by sending you back a brick or a box of trash.

The only thing you can try is fighting it to the bitter end and praying you get a paypal caseworker who listens.

actually they can’t withdraw from your bank account without your permission or authorization and if they did you can report an unauthorized transaction with your bank. using paypal to pay for stuff or send money with your bank account attached as a backup source is giving your authorization for paypal to access your bank account should you don’t have enough funds to pay for something for example. they can’t just take stuff out of your bank account without your consent/authorization/permission.

remove your bank account just in case they decide to cross this line.

i’ve been scammed on ebay and when someone files a complaint they hold the amount of the transaction and if i cleared my paypal account already than the paypal account dips into a negative balance. which is why they can’t touch your bank account. that’s why i don’t keep money in my paypal account. i always withdraw asap.

It all depends actually, I sold a statue on Ebay once packed it correctly and everything shipped it via Fedex with $350 insured.

After the buyer recieved it he claims it was damaged during shipping, so he wanted to send it back asap.

Fedex’s, and i’m pretty sure UPS policy might be the same is they want to inspect the package before they pay the claim even if you send them pictures.

The person that bought the statue never responded to Fedex’s request because he basically made sure he dumped the box it was shipped in, although I did my part by giving Fedex the pictures he gave me.

= Paypal and Ebay siding with the buyers request for a refund and me getting stiffed and having to repair the thing and sell it as repaired at a loss.

That kind of BS is why I was hoping amazon payments would really take off. After the initial promos though I haven’t heard much about it. Paypal+ebay has always been that way, never caring about what really happened and siding with the buyer to “solve” the problem asap. There is a lot of good advice here, and if you do it fast enough you shouldn’t lose anything even when ebay and paypal decide to screw you.

I think that was your first mistake. If you really did send him a brand new one in mint condition, why not just say so? No excuses/lies necessary. That reply probably made it seem like you’re guilty.

I don’t use ebay or any of that. Is it really this easy to scam people? Just complain that it was damaged and you get your money back and keep the item?