Did I sell to a scammer?

Yea, really. A seller would have to have someone video taping them use the stick, then boxing it, then taking it to the shipper, and then tape the transaction. That is the only way one could prove the item is in said condition before transit.

I like ebay, so I think I’ll honestly just have to do this, or take more specific photos for my own safe keeping as evidence.

So far no harrassing messages today, hoping he’s not a scammer and just a pissy guy who’s settled down and happy now.

Ok guys, not to double post, but here’s my update:

The guy says he took the stick out of the box and tested it finally, and it works 100% fine. I’m hoping he doesnt come around and say a button stopped working or something else to complain about.

I know I’m a honest seller, so I shouldnt have anything to worry about. Thanks for all the tips and advice you guys gave.

I got some guy on Amazon trying to get a refund just cause he found it somewhere else for cheaper. Amazon says I don’t have to refund “buyer’s remorse” for software, and even if I did, he’d have to ship it back with his own money, and I could charge a restocking fee of up to 20%. I could refuse the refund altogether if he opened it. I told him he’s better off reselling it himself.

He’s still trying to return it.

man, that sucks. What’s the saying? …let the buyer beware(not the seller)?

Tell him once he sends it back to you, he can have his money back.

too many scammers on Ebay. My wife bought some wall sconces, the guys “shipped” and said that the package got returned to him, he said he would try again. never got the package and since we waited too long couldn’t even give him bad feedback or file a complaint…45 days is too short if you are receiving an international package.