Did lizardlick mess up?


Hey all
I recently ordered and received some seimitsu PS-14-KN 30mm pushbuttons from LL. They look fantastic, but when i went to install them i noticed that they didnt include those clear nuts that screw into the bottom of the buttons to lock them in. All i’m wondering is if they sell them separately, or if they just dropped the ball here.
Thanks guys!


Yup, they messed up. They should be included…seeing as they don’t sell them seperately.


Lame. Thats what i was thinking. Man i was so excited to have some new buttons today!! Now i’ll proboly have to wait another couple weeks just to get some damn nuts


I hope my order doesn’t get messed up like that. x_x


L. O. L.

That sucks, though. Hopefully my order won’t take that long.


On a previous order? I’m assuming they would rush out the nuts for the buttons for you, since it was their mistake.

And that’s what she said.


They messed up my order once (got four buttons instead of six) and Chad was really good about it, realized he stuffed up and sent the remaining buttons out the next day.

Trouble is as I’m from Australia I had to wait another two weeks for them to arrive! :looney:


Just email him (Chad). He is a super nice guy and a really honest businessman. His shop is very well respected and has its own thread on here somewhere.


once I cancelled my order since it hadn’t shipped after 3 weeks, and they cancelled it within 1 minute of me sending the email. I was like WTF.

errr… unrelated story


it says somewhere on their site that they just started like first week of july orders, they are really behind


From http://www.lizardlick.com/order_update.shtml



HvE: Would you rather they take 3 weeks to cancel it? It’s very easy to cancel an order but it’s slightly more difficult to fill an order.


LL had sent out the remainder of parts from the march orders and i never received any confirmation of my order being sent. contacted chad, and he sent them that day since he didn’t see any indication of them being processed either. next day my order came in though so he sent them for nothing, and i just refused the second package. moral of the story is, if you have a problem and contact chad, he is pretty good about resolving it.


That’s odd, mine had the nuts all on the buttons when I got mine. Like everyone else said though, they are real quick to fix any mess ups.


Gouki, just shoot me an email with your info, we’ll get those nuts out to you asap…




holy shit I order my JFL 8YT sk stick with a octo plate…now I’m worried because I keep hearing that LL mess up orders more than any other company…


What? While I’m sure they mess up a few here and there like every other company in existence, it’s nothing to be worried about. The important part is how they resolve things when an issue does arise, which they are very quick to fix in a timely and friendly manner.

And for the record, I’ve never had an issue with any of my orders from them.


for those who are worried for the parts they order, relax, its just isolated cases. i ordered few times from him before and it was good experiences. Mistakes happen especially when he has so many orders
Contact Chad if anything messed up, really nice guy.


I just saying cause I have alot of friends lately that the material they order came up short in some way shape or form in other words whether is screws missing or the restrictor plate wasn’t sent with joystick they order so I have to be concern cause its already going to take 2 to 3 weeks to process and ship and another 1 week to get where I’m at so if the order is not complete then I have to wait 2 more weeks at best to get my missing piece of the order plus another 1 week to get to where I’m at so I’m looking at almost 2 months before I can use my SE to the fullest…I have to be concern…not saying this happens all the time but I hear more that the orders where not fully shipped than shipped and this is after I place my order but this is my first time so hopefully nothing goes wrong…


Well you can add both of my orders to the “Were totally fine with no hassle” category. Just go to the actual lizard lick thread, 99% of the people who order from them sing their praises, others are just impatient.


yeah i know what u mean, im jsut saying have confidence
contact chad, i am sure he will ship yours out within 1 or 2 days since it was a missed order. u won’t have to wait 2 weeks im pretty sure. good luck :slight_smile: