Did my fighting edge just die ? Any way to fix it?


I’ve only had this black 360 fighting edge since December 31st. Been great no problems. Mid match my joystick just gave out. My 360 is reading button inputs but my joystick isn’t reading at all. At first it was reading it just delayed. After unplugging both the cord and connector piece and blowing out the dust the stick isnt working at all. Could a cord just be loose inside ? Anyone else had this happen?

I take good care of the stick and it looks brand new. Nothing out of the ordinary was happening during the game it just gave out.


I would take a guess and say you wrap your USB cable around your stick tightly after each match, when everything is done and you are unplugging your stick?
Seeing your sticks symptoms, the most likely and common reason is that your USB cord is damaged.

Wraping the cord around the stick like that actually puts unwanted stress on the cord and the wires inside would break.

This is a easy fix, you need ANY USB cord, the plug that connects to the console that really matters, the other side would not as that side getting clipped off.
Only time you want a normal A to B USB cable (like you use with a printer) if you installed neutrik USB passthough.

Actually I do recommend getting a neutrik connector installed as it makes your external USB cord easy to remove and replace if its damaged.

Here is a Link on how to repair your USB cable


yup I do

thought I was taking care of the stick not hurting it

thanks for the info hopefully I can figure out how to fix it


I don’t understand the wrapping the cord around… The FE has a compartment for cord storage…


actually the little white piece that connects to the stick itself was loose

once I got the case open it only took 2 seconds to fix

will start using the compartment for storage thanks for reminding me


Because gamers are lazy. This should come to no surprise to anyone.


Haha, I guess I consider anyone coming to TT to likely be more anal than that. :wink:


In the heat and action of a tournament, often even the very intelligent players move hastily and sometimes break something on their stick or even the console.