Did no one notice the score change on the unknown vs omgitzandre match @ ECT4?


Not that I’m biased towards either side but Andre’s score got changed when he was up 1-4.


He goes up 1-4 and then at 2:32:47 the score gets changed 1-3 and never gets changed back.


this changes the outcome of the match as andre went up 8-9 first :eek:


I didn’t notice, but apparently someone else noticed it over there. They played two extra games, and Unkn0wn won both, making the score 10-10. I got this all off the front page btw.


technically, Andre won that 10-8.

But I’m just going to say that he loses for not learning how to count.




I wish it were Cleaveland to drive the point home.




Whoever was keeping score was listening to this song during the match.



Stream commetary thread, this didn’t need it’s own thread.