Did one of the Cannon brothers diss Xbox Live?


I heard from a friend that a Cannon brother dissed Xbox Live at Evo, and thats why they use PS3’s. Is this true?



He was making fun of the poor netcode in the majority of fighting games on consoles.

Period. The end.


When asked if he would rather have a working shower or xbl, Cannon said something along the lines of “xbl lags, i play ggpo”. If the question were about PSN he probably would’ve said the same thing, it wasn’t a jab at XBL but at the shoddiness of all console online play in general.

…Evo uses PS3s because they have a few from the previous year when T5DR was on the lineup, and it is much easier to manipulate profiles/savedata on PS3 than on 360.

edit: also, i don’t see what this has to do with street fightuh fo.


And seeing how he created GGPO it’s alright. If I had written code of that level I’l prefer it over anything else.


It was all in good fun, but let’s face it; the code is pretty shitty compared to the standards of GGPO or even 2DFighter.


Don’t get too carried away. It’s just all fun since it’s dogface show. Cannon is just jokingly bumping up his own netcode


I <3 ggpo


yes they use PS3s for an in person fighting game tournament because the 360’s online infrastructure is poor. your friend is 100% correct and a master of deduction.


And this belongs in the SF4 forum because…


why is this thread in the SF4 forum???


obviously because srk and the fighting game scene as a whole is made up of ONLY sf4. i mean come on, are there even any other sections on this website? :rofl:


For some random reason I thought this had something to do with Cammy…

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It’s in the SF4 forum because…


I’m drawin’ a blank here.


While many fighters have shitty netcode, you can’t downplay the huge strides made in the genre. The netcode found in games like Dead or Alive 4, Blazblue and HD Remix (in my experience) shows how far things have come since 3S, Guilty Gear XX #Reload and Capcom vs. SNK 2. At this point in the history of online gaming, the hate needs to be directed at lazy publishers, not Xbox Live.

That said, I don’t think we’ll see VF5, Blazblue, King of Fighters XII, Street Fighter 4, or SF2 HD Remix. When it does, we’ll all be sure to drop Live and make GGPO the only thing we play.


The reason they used PS3’s at EVO was due to the massive donations that Sony made… not because of better (but worse) netcode (that doesn’t matter because you don’t need the internet to fight the person SITTING NEXT TO YOU), and the PS3’s massive flaws inside of a tournament scene (like it’s massive issues with disconnecting/reconnecting controllers) would have made me think that they would grab 360’s over PS3’s, but I don’t know the full information behind the sponsorships.

Oh yeah… why is this in the SG[F]4 section?!


ggpo is for nerds, i play at the arcade


lol so much misinformation in this thread. this is why the cannons used ps3s

-they already had a lot of them from last year
-no red rings of death

and for the record, only some of the ps3’s had the trophy glitch, which was removeable, but would take too much time from the pool schedule to fix.

x360 has the same problem with unassigning pad controllers


The PS3 is better for dealing with controller issues as I understand it, since you can hit the home button and change which player number it is instantly

probably not an issue when you’re using all USB controllers anyway though…


why would someone actually think that making this thread was a good idea?