Did ono say anything about the future of SF4?

Or at least any mention of whats to come? Was he not there at EVO? I’ve read somwhere that there is going to be some new DLC at some point.

Never minds I checked the eventhubs site. He didn’t say anything new other than we have to wait.

He said “While I’d love to give you a fun new announcement, we just finished porting SFIV to the PC, so please give us a little time.”

Basically, there may be something, but he can’t say just yet. Given the success of SFIV, its almost a given that there will be a follow-up of some kind.

Az - I agree. The demand for SF4 is insane and of course the demand for a follow up (with some balancing of course, and probably T.Hawk and Dee Jay) is extremely high.

I recall hearing that they already have some of the design for T. Hawk and Dee Jay in already so they will probably be in. Regardless i’, not a fan of Charge characters and grapplers. (However Abel is fun to play.) I would like Karin in. she has a counter move like gouken though she really plays differently. I think she would work well in this engine.

Y’know what’d be kinda cool? If we avoided turning this thread into Wishlist Thread #208,802 and actually talked about where the SF franchise goes from here.

The way I see it, Capcom can either release a T6 BR-esque update in the near future, or wait a little while longer and just release SFV. While SFIV Dash or whatever they might call it would be cool for us fighting game fans, I fear a new SF without a new number might put off the casual fans who wouldn’t want to shell out more money for a game that isn’t a sequel.

So I really hope they just go to SFV. They can announce plans for it sometime in the late fall, with an arcade release date of summer 2010. That gives arcade SFIV a life of 2 years. If they announce it in the fall, they can continue to ride the SFIV hype without prematurely killing the game.

Then, just follow the Namco model of sequels - add some characters, new backgrounds, new extras, keep what worked, tweak what didn’t, buff the graphics, and call it a day. Going too far away from what worked isn’t good, but they will need to add enough to justify the new shiny number.

And again, console release late winter 2011, so the console game has 2 full years before the sequel hits.

Just my opinion, but I think this would be the best gameplan.

Just make the game faster and I’m good. I don’t like complaining anymore.

I think we’ll see one serious update before SFV. Since SF2 I can’t think of a single “hit it and quit it” Capcom fighter, and if there was one it had shitty sales on its release. SFIV, while fantastic for a “first” offering, can definitely use some polishing. In addition to Dee Jay and T.Hawk being conspicuously missing the arcade and console version still have yet to be unified. The difference with SF4 as opposed to other first offerings is that there are no glaring balance issues. Sagat’s good, and Seth just… feels wrong. Still they aren’t game breaking.

Given Capcom’s history I just can’t see them leaving SF4 as it is. I really think we’ll see one update before SFV, but… something tells me they’re going to screw it up somehow. I don’t know why but I have a weird premonition that they’re going to try to trick it out to a point that will make people turn their backs on it.

Case in point, Red Earth(or warzard?) and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. They didn’t get follow ups, most likely cause it was way unpopular. Given the rising popularity of SFIV, there’ll probably be an update. How it’ll be done and when it’ll be announced/released is another matter. By the scale of things (because of all the things we want), it’ll probably be done by another hard copy via console. Hopefully 30-40 since the basic infrastructure is there, but there needs to be some resources for creating the models, altering the netcode, etc. I mean, we want new characters, and I predict 2-4. Two seems too little, more than 4 is overkill, since we got the console characters too.

As for a new game itself, I think capcom won’t do anything radically different like how we went from sf2 to alpha to the 3 series. Capcom’s target audience is the fighting game community, but at the same time, those that played sf2 and were familiar with the iconic 8(or 16 counting ST). Going into unfamiliar territory is risky business, cause after all, when it boils down to it, a business is still a business. I foresee a game that is still similar to the original, kinda like how sfiv right now is somewhat similar to 2. Capcom pays attention, and they’ll probably stick with the formula. Why fix it, if it ain’t broken, no?

Off topic: GREAAAT AVATAR!!!:cool:

On Topic: SF4 is a great game. I love the old school feel of the system. History has proven for capcom games that the next rendition of SF4 will be excellent. Just as SF3 and SF2. There was never any question even from SF4 initial release that we would be getting another.

I think the smart approach is to create a SF4 Dash for arcade that integrates console characters and integrates any new characters they may have been working on, with balance tweaks and improvements and some nice cosmetic additions such as a new round of costumes and colours.

Then sell the update as DLC to existing SF4 owners - PS3, 360 and PC all have no problems with this. It would be a good way to integrate improved netplay and lobbies too, although they should just fix that for free.

Once that’s been out as DLC for a few months further down the road, release a budget retail version with all this integrated.

It would also be nice if they just unlocked all the characters to save tournament organisers a bunch of trouble. Its not very tournament friendly to have to do all that unlocking.

If they actually put out a separate disc SFIV-Dash or Super SFIV or whatever, I will be mad. Just DLC that shit, and charge whatever for it (look at how much I had to pay for the Oblivion addon…2800 MS Points hurt, but it was worth it)

As for the future of the franchise, I’d like to see what they do with this engine first. A new Darkstalkers game done the same style would blow me away (and a new DS game is waaaaaay overdue).

As for SFV, I’d like it to be similar, however fully 3D environments would be nice. Keep the gameplay 2D, but allow me to hit a guy sideways, and the characters could just change their x/y axis accordingly. Sorta like other fighting games have, just no sidestepping stupidity.

I don’t see SFV coming out in the foreseeable future though.

I ain’t paying more than 5 bucks for only 2-4 characters. I think most people can agree that Capcom has dropped enough hints about other characters (DeeJay, T-Hawk, Charlie, Yun/Yang, Adon, off the top of my head). There was no way Capcom could have sold SFIV to consoles with the original lineup only. At least not for full price. So the console characters were added. Any update/dlc/remix version would have to add an even number of characters, and it would have to be a decent size. I’d say 8 new characters, to go along with the way the characters select is already set up. Minor tweaks to current characters here and there would also be possible, although I don’t know if that would happen if you suddenly add a new roster.

SFV ETA 2020.

But seriously, I see SFIV Dash having updated Netcode, incorporating the fans demands for more legless play and lobbies. I see SFIV Dash having at least DJ and TH. I see SFIV Dash having some Car/Barrel/Brick smashing.

Other than that, I’m unsure, besides a possible speed increase, or multiple speeds. Perhaps some overall graphics tweaks, because everything needs to look prettier and newer nowadays, or the squirrel generation won’t like it.

But I most DEFINITELY see an upgrade before any thought goes into SFV. If only to get the console chars etc into the Arcades.

I don’t think it would make sense to bring out SFV before an update. This game has great balance but it definitely could use some tweaks. It’s a shame that the fighting game community is so complacent about issues like these (“we’ve had worse”, “tiers don’t mean shit” etc). To me, it doesn’t really matter who wins tournaments, but it would be great if we could finally get a game where the character representation was more or less equal. Right now, this game is like Sagat Fighter IV: Ryu Edition.

Two years per iteration sounds good to me. If it works for EA to release a new Madden/FIFA/whatever every single year, a new Street Fighter every two years should should be profitable.

Their marketing department can come up with a good naming scheme, I’m sure.

SF4 still feels very incomplete. They definitely need an update. Not just talking about the roster/balance issues, which is very good already, but some of the modes and menu screens seem rushed. This might be a pet peeve, but when going to play online and seeing Ranked Matches AND Championship Mode, it’s like wtf this menu is so ugly. Ranked Mode is obsolete now and it’s just lying there making my menu look ugly.

Plus, I don’t see how they can release a SFV without a new fighting system along with new graphics and everything else.

I want to assume that the SF4 update will be DLC. Though I’m not sure how big of a file it would be. Or heck, with all the money Capcom made, they better have a deal like “Trade in your SF4 copy and get $30 off SF4:Dash”

Seeing as SFIV decided to use 3D characters rather than 2D sprites, we can assume that SFV will have the same.

As for a new fighting system, I’d be interested to see whether or not the Ultra combos stick around, seeing as they have created a sort of imbalance due to setups and use (Ryu/Sagat/Rufus vs Vega, for instance). Perhaps a choice of Ultra’s (like the choice in Supers in 3s) would work better.

Bringing back parries wouldn’t hurt. I’m still up in the air over air blocking.

I miss spectator battles. Being able to play a game, with a bunch of people watching/cheering was fun. Hell, quarter mode is the way it’s supposed to be played. You win, you stay, you lose, back off the line.

Also, more customization would be nice. I hate having to pick each individual characters colour scheme, taunts, etc EVERY SINGLE TIME I TURN MY GAME BACK ON.

And I dunno how much Capcom paid for that theme song, but I would much rather have the main menu music be random stage BGM’s instead of the same fucking song burrowing into my brain and feasting on the goo inside!

And for the love of GOD, give Guile a 3rd special!

I agree…you get that really flashy intro and then you get that 3rd Strike/CVS2 esque stagnant menu interface. You forget you’re playing the newest version of SF.

I hope we don’t go straight to SF V as I really like the base foundation of IV. :wgrin: Not only that,SF IV as the main event of EVO was simply awesome.The game definitively deserve the spotlight for 2-3 years at least as it’s a great competitive game to watch and the proof was the Wong vs Daigo final.

I could see this game become a regular at EVO even after they release SF V,especially with a tweak or two.It’s quite easy to understand for casual viewers and already fairly balanced.

Speed could be slightly increased and I would personally like to see a better variety of super.I do not like seeing Akuma with a super and ultra raging demon.

I would love to see the roster expended to 30 characters along with Dee Jay and Hawk.An arcade release to fine tune the console characters is in order along with the obvious Sagat and Seth nerf(Ryu and Akuma are very strong,but balanced imo since you need ton of skills to play them properly).

I don’t want SF V before 2011 at the earliest.

SFV better be for Project Natal and the Eye Toy, or I’ll be furious. I damn well better be throwing hadoukens with my hands, rather than with button presses, within 3 years or some people gonna die.

Echoing Azrael’s wishes to avoid turning this into a wishlist thread.

I feel that the SF franchise would be best served by avoiding full-priced upgrades as past SFs have done. I think that if there was ONE (and only one) major update to SF4, available via XBL and PSN for a reasonable price, that would be enough to extend SF4’s life enough for however long it takes SF5 to materialize.

Dr. B can’t wait for Street Fighter 5. In fact, as Dr. B exists in all of spacetime simultaneously, he’s already played it, lamented that it isn’t as good as Street Fighter 6, and wondering if it will be as good as Street Fighter 4, if those damn velociraptors will just leave him alone. No raptormo.