Did Ryu get too much attention?

I’m trying to figure out why Ryu feels wrong in IV, and I think I figured out that it’s because rather than a modest, well-balanced assortment of attacks, he now has an entire arsenal of links, juggles, super setups, Ultra setups, block strings, tick throws, and just about absolutely everything you need in SFIV. It seems I see a new Ryu link or combo every day, despite the never-ending stream of light shoryuken FREE ULTRA!!! The only other character who seems to come even close is Akuma, and that’s really just because of his far rh. Does anyone else think Ryu got a bit too much attention? It seems like, for example Guile was just ported from SFII and had his hitboxes and a bit of properties changed around, and Rufus is the only new character who could do a link ending in a special. I thought Ryu has traditionally been the middle of the road character, and notoriously lacking in depth, not some kind of combo king.

Another pointless scrub rant? The fuck is going on here?

Clearly if you think that he has a free ultra just because he can LP DP, then learn how to block boy.

implying you can air block

Ryu does have alot of answers for whatever his opponents are doing but that can be said for all the characters, once you main someone you start to find out all their little quirks. You probably think Ryu has so many options because he is easy to pick up and play so people learn fast with him, he has a short learning curve other characters have to work a little harder IMO. To be fair he has always been able to combo easily since SF3 and the Marvel Crossover games.

I hate fucking Ryu. He is annoying character, mutch worse than Sagat.

Zangief, Sagat, Ryu, Blanka, Rufus and Fuerte take no Skill.
Ryu, Ken, Sagat, Gouken, Akuma, Guile and Seth are Fireball (or Boom) - Spammers that take no skill.
Akuma, Ken and Seth are for noobs.
Who has to rely on Seth is an asshole, as he’s the boss character.
Honda, Boxer, Abel, Sagat, Zangief, Ryu and Dictator are cheap.
Sakura, Dan and Claw are too weak.
Dhalsim is a weakling and just runs away.
Cammy is just like Ryu, she only spams Cannon Spikes instead of Shoryuken.
Sagat is so overpowered, a total noob can beat Daigo with him.
Whoever plays a female character has no gf and never seen pussy.
Although Rose doesn’t really count as a characer anyway. Nobody plays her.
Gen can use his Ultra after his Super, what makes him super-ultra cheap.
Fireballs are cheap.
Command Throws are cheap.
Crossups are cheap.

Did I forget something?


Though this thread is dumb, I wouldn’t say Ryu received too much attention, as much as others didn’t get enough.

Did I use the words cheap, overpowered, noob, or bs anywhere in that post? No? That’s right, because my complaint is not “Ryu r noob,” my complaint is “Capcom had some sick obsession with Ryu and focused on him over the other characters.” Yet being a fighting game forum, you scramble to assert your shallow sense of superiority over everyone whose opinion differs from yours even if you have to take everything at face-value and reply without contemplation to do so.

Ryu got too much attention, other characters didn’t get enough attention, whatever you think, just mention if that is what you think, this isn’t a balance discussion. Because I think Ryu clearly had more focus than Blanka, Guile, Abel, even Rufus. Someone could be the deepest, most complex character in the game and still be garbage.

Btw, you can’t block a lp shoryuken if you jumped in, so your comment doesn’t even make sense.

Ryu is PERFECT for anyone who wants to get into SF4…he’s pretty easy to start with, even with previous SF games.
You really have no good reason to be complaining about Ryu.

best post ever. tempted to sig the whole thing. on topic, ryu is probrablly most complete because he was probrablly designed first. if you were bringing back sf after it had died in the eyes of mainstream, how would you do it? the easiest way is, you would take you main character, or hero. design him first, and build everything around him. its his game, and the other characters are just playing in it

off topic, machineking1313 has to be the absolute worst poster on srk. its wierd because he isnt trolling, but everything he says just plain sucks balls

For real…I don’t think anyone is going to miss this thread. Whining threads do not promote discussion even in the Newbie Saikyo board sense (where anything is allowed). So don’t make them. Especially in the SF4 boards. Thanks!

Why are people taking the most dangerous route to moving forward?

Anyways. Closed.