Did SF4 Ruin Capcom Fighters?

A lot of capcoms recent fighters have received considerable hostility from the FGC. A lot of veteran players have criticized capcoms decision to emphasize the casual players and implement game mechanics that some would consider"scrubby".On the flip side some have acknowledged that this appeal to casual players is what the FGC needed in order to sustain itself and remain relevant in the industry.

Ultimately when all is said and done, do you feel capcoms "sf4 design"philosophy is a blessing or terrible mistake and have they ruined their reputation as a fighting game company?

Capcom has been trying to make Street Fighter easier to play for a very very long time. Street Fighter IV was the next step in that process, and a lot of old-school players find resentment in that fact.

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I think every new Capcom fighter is the genre’s death-knell according to somebody. As someone who loves fighting games, I think SF4 is a bad game for many reasons, but i don’t know that its problems are found in MvC3 or SFxT (partially because I haven’t played those games enough to know for sure.)

I feel like the roots of this supposed “dumbing down” thing lie with Super Turbo, what with all its “throw softening” and supers and crummy balance changes. But some of those things, when refined turned into good things in later games. So while SF4 has fundamental problems as a fighting game, I think they could refine certain aspects (Ultras for instance) and make them viable in later games. So no, I don’t think SF4 has ruined Capcom fighting games.

Well, all I can say is that they’re not sticking to their roots. If this is for the better or worse is a completely individual matter.

Good for Capcom, bad for some of us that appreciated their older games. I would personally like to see a relatively gimmick-free game when it comes to the mechanics. No ABC xx launch, mashed reversals that are safe and just a plain old superbar that you manage. Fighters are still skillbased but I’m getting the feeling that we’re drifting away from that aspect of the game more and more.

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