Did Someone Say Chimichanga? - Deadpool Thread Reloaded!



A - Any attack (Unless otherwise stated)
A/B/C - Light/Medium/Heavy
E - Exchange
2A - Any two attacks simultaneously
QCF - Quarter circle forward.
QCB - Quarter circle back.
DP - Dragon punch motion
RDP - Reverse dragon punch motion.

Costumes in order. Listed from left to right:[LIST=1]

Notable Normals
Overhead - Forward + B
-Cancellable, safe on block, and comboable afterwards.

Slide - Down + C
-Can cancel into a special attack or launcher. Useful in slipping under jump-in attacks or tri-jumps.

Special Moves
[media=youtube]w2sbBj9xFvA&t=1m11s"[/media] - QCF + A

[]A - Shoots forward, standing, can be ducked.
]B - Shoots forward, crouching.
[]C - Shoots at an upward angle (~45°).
]A - Shoots at a downward angle (~45°).
[]B - Shoots forward.
]C - Shoots at an upward angle (~45°).
-Follow-Ups -While doing Trigger Happy, you can cancel the firing into another special attack, independent of what button you pressed first (ex: You can shoot with B and cancel into C). However, you must cancel it before bullets physically appear. These can be done both in the air or on the ground.[list][]A/Shuriken - Jumps back and throws 3 shuriken downward. If you do this on the ground, you will jump and throw the shuriken downward. Has good recovery time after throwing.
]B/Grenade - Jumps back and throws a grenade/pineapple. If they hit the floor, they will take time to explode. If they hit the opponent, they will instantly explode.
[*]C/Bola - Jumps back and throws a bola. If it hits the opponent they will be immobilized and unable to block for a few seconds, allowing for OTG’s.[/list]

[media=youtube]Mr_ptVEQ-S4&t=1m19s"[/media] - QCB + A
-Charges forward quickly and slices with both katanas. Speculated to go under some projectiles. The distance depends on the button used, with A being the shortest and C being the longest.

[media=youtube]w2sbBj9xFvA&t=2m6s"[/media] - DP + A, (+A for Chimichanga!) (for wallbounce follow-up)
-A quick slice of his katanas. [list]
[]A - Diagonal slice, used as an AA.
]B - Horizontal slice.
[*]C - A downward slice that OTG’s. Done after an air exchange, and adding Chimichanga! will wallbounce the opponent, allowing you to combo afterwards. (Relaunch, super, etc.) [/list]

[media=youtube]OHqyL7IrmM8&t=2m6s"[/media] - RDP + A
-Depending on which button you press, it will teleport you relative to the stage, not the opposing character. What’s interesting is it doesn’t seem to matter where the opponent is, so it is possible to create ambiguous teleport cross-ups.[list]
[]A - Left side of the screen.
]B - Middle of the screen.
[*]C - Right side of the screen.[/list]

  • The teleport will always malfunction on the 3rd teleport, damaging Deadpool and the opponent (if nearby), and it also counts as an OTG. This is super-cancellable into Air Happy Happy Trigger.

[media=youtube]OHqyL7IrmM8&t=1m47s"]Happy-[URL=“http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTA23D2Xv14&t=1m10s”[/media]Trigger - QCF + 2A
-Level 1 Super. Shoots a barrage with both of his guns. Can be done on the ground or in the air. Very easy to combo into, does a good amount of chip. You can connect the air version off an OTG.

[media=youtube]nO5YxsgxXm4&t=3m2s"[/media] - QCB + 2A
-Level 1 Super. Quick blade attack that goes into a cinematic.

[media=youtube]pDf-K5_nOmE"[/media] - RDP + 2A
-Puts Deadpool into a counter state where he proceeds to walk forward. If he’s hit during this state, the enemy goes through a cinematic… where he beats you a lifebar, followed by a hit with the hyper bar.

? - Quick Work - [Direct :f:] Quick katana slice. Hits low.
? - Katana-Rama! - [Direct :df:] Can OTG to extend combos.
? - Trigger Happy - [Shot :uf:] Shoots at an upward angle (~45°).


Quick questions:
Does Katama-Rama work as an anti-air? Does the hitbox cover the entire slash effect? Is it useful as a “get off me/antiair” assist?
Can you OTG after the slide without a cancel like Jill can in 2?
Can you hitconfirm air Trigger Happy into Happy-Happy Trigger like you can with the grounded version?


Nice Thread! Hope you keep updating it in the future.
Edit- What is his best assist?


Katama-Rama is a pretty effective anti-air, though not as effective as Ryu’s Shoryu. It’s potential lies in it’s OTG and wallbounce. Doesn’t seem too special of an assist, but that’s just on a surface level. Not sure about the slide being OTG w/o a cancel, though it’s probably unsafe when blocked and not canceled.

Thanks! His best assist would probably be Trigger Happy, but that’s only because the uses for the other two don’t seem too apparent. It can lock down a person from super-jumping/tri-jumping when you’re playing a zoning game and it has potential for comboability as it keeps the opponent in hit stun due to the “lengthy” animation. (i.e. assist + air series, spike into the assist, relaunch)


Wth, he can attack/block/move during his level 3?



Ah, whoops, I actually got my facts wrong. He actually walks forward until he’s hit. Sorry about the misinformation.


quick work = low right?


Believe so yeah. Sure looks it.


Nice to see this thread under reliable management! Excellent first post. :tup:


I wonder what moves count for activating his LvL. 3? I hope he doesn’t suffer through Fei long syndrome :frowning:


Me too. Thanks for updating this thread Realpolitix. Great Job.


If Wesker’s is any indication, probably any non-projectile and/or non-level 3.


wesker’s even activates on supers? wow. I didn’t know that. If deadpool’s does work the same, Then it’s already a good counter move.


You can just activate counter supers during your opponents super flash.


This. It’s literally a counter-hyper: a hyper for countering other hypers.


I can say for a fact that deadpool’s level 3 does not counter captain america’s hyper stars and stripes. I know because i got hit out of it at the food fight event with it. >_>


LMAO, that sucks. :frowning:

Your matches were stylish btw. :smiley:


They can DHC out to make you blow your meter. Especially if its a projectile super.


How do we know that? It might hit before you can. :stuck_out_tongue:



It’s Fei Long all over again. You’d think that if Wesker’s level one could counter hypers, that Deadpool would get the same for spending THREE BARS. There’s gotta be something we’re missing here…