Did the SFIV Fight Stick Tournament Edition release early?

I saw on the home page that MrWizard recently got his Tourny Edition fight stick and I thought that wasn’t out till when the game releases. If it is in fact out, where can I pick one up?

No. If they in fact were released then this forum would have blown up by now. The dude obviously has some type of connection.

He’s the owner of the entire website.

How do you join the largest fighting game community on the entire internet without even knowing who Joey Cuellar is.

The man knows his stuff. Even being one of the individuals responsible for writing the SF Anniversary Edition Strategy guide for Capcom and Brady.

Of course he’s got mad connections.


He has an internet mod account.

lol money.

I sent him the stick. MrWizard > you.

Ooh okay, didn’t know cuz I just recently joined the forum. Thx for the info guys

I can’t wait for my Stick to get here!!!

lol hes complaining about the guy who runs the site having a stick. i bet he doesnt even know what evo is :frowning:

lol at so much stuff.

EVO what? :confused: :looney: :rofl:

he’s not complaining about anything.

He’s simply asking, there’s no need to act like a prick.

thanks for the comment, pussy.

picking favorites is not good for community building imo.

your funny!

it’s no joke. wiz could have bought his own stick if he didn’t waste all the premium account money on mcribs. markman is enabling wiz’s addiction. simply shameful.

Couldn’t even put together that the only person who could have given him the stick early just gave it to him in the mail. Nice.

This thread is hilarious and will probably get a kazillion hits due to its title.

Whooa, gettin’ hostile. For one of the significant figures of SF in America to get this stick you shouldn’t be throwing dirt.