Did the Shoryuken change on 3rd Strike (for PS2)

I just got Street Fighter Anniversary Collection for PS2 and this is my first time playing 3rd strike…ever! I can’t seem to do a shoryuken with Ryu or Ken when i am holding :df: or just :r:. Example: If i am walking forward and the opponent jumps at me, i can’t just shoryuken. I find that I have to go back to neutral, then perform the complete shoryuken motion.

When did this change happen? Is the arcade version of 3rd Strike the same way? I thought it was my controller at first, but then i tried it in Anniversary Edition and can shoryuken on command there.

Dunno about that :df: stuff, but holding :r: then doing a hadoken will give you a shoryuken.

Probably timing. I usually just put the shit back to neutral before trying a shoryuken anyways [on 3s].

*Note: Done on D-Pad/Analog. Sticks…I dunno.

try harder :dp:

So strange. I thought this was a Tech problem but it now seems like the game was shipped like this. It only occurs in 3rd Strike. I tried both PS3 and PS2. Are you using the same disc (SLUS 20949)? This is what i’m doing…

HOLD :r:, then :d: :df: + :p: or HOLD :df:, then :r: :d: :df: + :p:

Its a simple walking or crouching shoryuken!!! Tests i’ve done so far…

**CASE 1
**PS3 80gb
Game: Street Fighter AC: 3rd Strike (SLUS 20949)
Controller: HRAP2 SA with Pelican converter DOES NOT WORK.
Controller: Official Dual Shock3 DOES NOT WORK.

CASE 2**
PS2 Fat version
Game: Street Fighter AC: 3rd Strike (SLUS 20949)
Controller: Logitech Wireless PS2 Controller DOES NOT WORK.

I am able to do a crouching or walking shoryuken in every other game and on either system (PS2 or PS3). I have tested Street Fighter AC: Anniversary Edition (SLUS 20949), KOF XI, and CVS2. No problems at all. I used to play SFIII New Generation in the arcades and it wasn’t a problem there either :annoy:

then it might be your game or your controller and the ps3 has like 3 frames of lag

um… i can do it fine with hrap2 and 3s

i don’t remember but does Anniversary Collection have a way to show your inputs in practice mode??

if you could turn that on, or just try a different game and turn that on, you maybe can see if your doin your srks correctly

or maybe it’s your cd itself bein stoopid

How long are you holding :r: / :df:?

That’s really messed up, DP motions are supposed to be harder in SF2 than SF3.