Did they bust the classic characters in KOF XIV?


I mean, next to the newcomers, the classic guys looked very unpolished in many different senses:
[list][] Andy, Terry, King and Robert - Terrible graphics or character models
] Joe, King, Terry, Kim, Chang - Really lackluster movelists
[*] Terry - Terrible voice acting[/list]
I don’t know it was because maybe they were the characters they worked on the earliest or they’re simply pushing them back because they plan to drop him for the next chapter (Kyo and Iori teams look way better and have more complete movelists), but I really hope they rework these guys, maybe starting from zero again, because right now they look pathetic :confused:

On the other hand, it seems with some characters like Ralf, Maxima and Clark the developers have totally lost their way, but that’s another discussion.

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There’s no way, SNK would drop Terry and/or Kim in a KOF game. For the graphics, it’s probably what you said about being the first they worked on and gave more attention for the girls because god forbit if they ever fuck up Mai somehow.

I didn’t dislike Terry that much. I like his new/old design and voice acting (he even says “Are you ok?” that was missing in XIII). As for moves, he’s Terry, it might be hard to come up with new stuff without alienating his fans unless you put stuff from Garou like Rock has breaks. Mai is also one tha could have more stuff like her rekkas and the other divebutt even if she’s hella good in the game. But Maxima and Chin are the ones who most suffer from being based on their XIII counterparts instead of their old movesets.
For King, I understand the removal of her air fireball, but I wish she had some of her old stuff like the proximity unblockable (but of course, not with that property).


What shocks me the most is how incredibly botched are some of the classic characters movesets.

Guys like Terry, Andy, Joe, King, Clark, Kim, Mai, had gained so much cool stuff over the years, it’s apalling to see how barebones they went into this game. 5 moves had been the standard for KOF characters for a while, but for these guys you only have 4 or even less. It’s weird, special seeing guys like Kyo or K’ even gained some new moves.

For once, I don’t understand how I have to spend 3 superstock into a Power Dunk and the motion is now hcb,hcb+KK.

Joe’s “repeated punches” special is so fucked up on this game, it has almost no reach and looks like a joke. Why do King and Joe have to go MAX in order to shoot double Venom Strikes/Hurricane Upper? I failed to see how that’s an improvement at all.

Maxima is a complete joke. He barely has any specials and they’re totally useless.

But the worst case is Ralf. This has to be the most random and awkward moveset I’ve ever seen. A Ralf with no Argentina? Without BariBari?? WTF?! His Vulcan is completely terrible, he has a new random punch attack. He’s virtually unplayable in his awkwardness.

Considering how cool and rich were the characters in movesets for games like 2001 and XI?? I got that by the KOF XIII times there were new sprite-based graphics and creating new animations were complicated, but now with polygon 3D models they could add any moves they want very easily, why to use KOF XII as a base?? The classic characters are extremely botched. I have no idea what they were thinking but they’re just TERRIBLE.


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