Did they finish the SBO3 3s tourney?

How far did they get and where can I dl all the vids?

The tourney is done, buy the DVDs when they release them.

who won?

tournament results forum

What a cool name for a team.

The Dream Team: Daigo (Ken) and Ohnuki (Chun)

Post SBO interview:
Comments about winning SBO

Ohnuki: It was like a dream come true to fight along side my rival, Daigo.

Daigo: It was alright.

haha, Daigo doesn’t seem too impressed :rofl:

lmao i love daigos comment. i’m still disapointed J and sugiyama didn’t win though :crybaby:

It’s all about Team Futari wa Free Max Heart or whatever the hell Kuroda and Hayao called themselves. If the SBO3 3S dvd has more 3S than just the finals then I would order that DVD.

Any site to dl it all? I know combovideos has some and so does ksk’s site but my bittorent doesn’t work.


bump again…

link to a place where we could buy the dvd?

i dont think they sell to the u.s.

It’ll probably take them time to put the DVD together…

lmao at daigos comment :rofl: :rofl:

Man Daigo’s an ass. lol.

yea he is but cant help but love that comment.haha