Did they patch Fei longs infinite in SF4 for pc?

I noticed that the startup of his heavy chicken wing is way longer than the ones depicted in the videos. its using the startup of EX or something, and heavy is about half as fast. I can do his infinite with his EX though. But if its EX…its not infinite :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a way to cut the startup time or something? Or was it patched out?

I ve never hear of any patch on pc, there are plenty stuff they removed from Super, like unblockable ultras because they deemed them to be gamebreaking finally but you can still do them on PC.

They fixed vega wall jump bug in super street fighter, the bug is still there on pc.

They never patch PC version. intrestingly enough capcom says patching a game on console costs the eyes because of fees, there are no fees on PC and there is no need for a download platform either it is close to 100% fre to deploy and test a build on pc, Some could imagine they would put that to good use, but no…

Then why cant I do the hp xx hk chicken wing loop on seth or abel? It’s way too slow to connect, and on the combo videos its as fast as EX.

Case and point : [media=youtube]708V4zsIGIk[/media]

Yes i believe this was fixed. It was already fixed when sf4 pc was released.

So why was it in the launch version of super street fighter 4? The start up of the chicken wing is supposed to be 18, as well as EX. Heavy 18, EX 18, but heavy is more like 22, The way they fixed it was apparently by reducing hp’s hitstun, not by increasing the startup of hk chicken wing.

Case and point: [media=youtube]6Xywqv1cDH8[/media]