Did this by accident. Is this considered as a frame trap?

how can you properly input this?

That’s called an EX uppercut. You input it by pressing :dp: plus two different punch buttons.

Also you don’t post 3 minute long videos without a timestamp and ask dumb questions as an excuse to make people watch your “amazing” victory.
If you have questions, we got a q&a thread with tons of nerds who love to help newbies out, the same type of nerds who get pissed about shitty threads.

Hey man , i apologize if I upset you. No need to be hostile. Like i said im new to the game and was excited to post and dont know my way around youtube that well , maybe you can advise me on how to put time stamp i stead of ripping on me. No need for negativity. Again im sorry if i upset you. My mom always say if you have nothing constructive to say , stfu.


Oh and thanks for taking time to watch the video :*

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Something like: "At 2:52, I beat Cammy’s critical art with an ex shoryuken, why does this work and is this what people call a frame trap?"
would’ve been fine, especially if you posted it in the Newbie Dojo or the stickied Q&A thread in the Ryu forum instead of making a new thread.
The thing is if everyone makes a thread about their amazing discoveries, you’ll have the whole forum spammed with one answer threads and nobody finds the good ones anymore.

I hear ya, thanks for the advise

I edited my video. Im on my mobile, i dont see the timestamp option so i entered it in the description

Heh, calm down Art, I know what you’re saying but no need to immediately beat em over the head with it (Yeah yeah I know, SRK.com is tough love and all).


All you did was end the match with an EX Shoryuken (so you probably was mashing, considering incoming Cammy CA). So no, not a frame trap by miles.

Can all Ex moves beat a super? Do you know?

Every move consists of frames like the frames used in film to give you the illusion of fluid motion when in reality you watch single pictures played in quick succession.
A move has startup frames, active frames and recovery frames.

Startup frames are when your character winds up his swing. In this state your move does not have a hitbox yet and thus cannot hit an opponent.
Active frames are when your character’s move actually has a hitbox and can hit the opponent.
Recovery is the time it takes for the move to completely retract and you are able to move again or use another attack command.

Certain moves in Street Fighter have invulnerability frames on their startup. This makes it so that they take priority over your opponents moves.

What happened here is that 2 moves with invincibility frames clashed with each other. Both Cammy’s CA and Ryu’s EX uppercut are invincible on startup.
The reason why Cammy lost is because her move ran out of invincibility before the dragon punch did.
You can do that every time a Cammy tries a raw critical art on you to chip you out. Even works with MP SRK. Not with LP SRK and HP SRK though.

In your case it would have been safer and much easier to just block the CA and punish her afterwards, since you were not in chip kill territory and all you needed was one hit to knock her out.

Ahhhhhhhh i get it . Makes a lot more sense now. THANKS!

Art so mean. How is a brother meant to level up! :slight_smile:

First by putting Ryu in japanese.