Did this game die? Still worth buying?

Before EVO many people claimed this game was going to die in the competitive scene, tournament wise. Mainly because it was on the wii and the online was sloppy and probably a few more reasons. I still like the look of it though but if I do decide to pick it up, it will mostly be for competitve reasons. Is this game still worth buying? or is it just about dead now?

noooo dude, evo gave us the inspiration we needed. tvc uas isn’t dead and will live on.

get it just because it’s worth playing, and try to find some competition too. it’s not completely dead imo

If you have friends or locals who are willing to play with you pick it up.

Playing it by yourself is not recommended, online isn’t very good.

Its kind of up in the air at the moment. Kinda like limbo -_-;. The SoCal/NorCal scene seems to be doing well (now with support from Wed Night Fights), so I guess that’s a plus? What I can say:

  • It’ll be an interest until MvC3
    You can play competitively until then since a number of people are prepping for Marvel this way.
  • This is one the few good ‘fighting games’ in the Wii library. A good buy, even if just to expand your library.

I’d recommend getting it for being a decent fighting game. If you’re set out to compete over friends, other people, hapless victims, etc. I’d highly recommend finding people to play in person, or to rope in your own community. Give or take, the TvC community as it is will exist **until **MvC3. After that, I can’t say.

I hope it lives. This game is great in the way that it doesn’t have horribly balance issues, you can do some really flashy stuff that does big damage without having to have played the game for 3+ years, and it definitely has a diverse cast. All around, it’s just a good game, and I’m depressed that more people don’t play it. It’s big enough to have a scene, but it isn’t SSF4, Tekken, or (shudder) Brawl.

Online is perfectly playable if you buy a lan adapater and set your ports up properly on your router. Sure, you’ll get the occasional laggy player but in general its not that bad. Once you get a good friend/rivals list going and hit up some other websites that have good communities (such as gamefaqs, believe it or not) you’ll have tons of matches with good players who have great connections.

in a nutshell kid. DONT PLAY WIFI. get up and make yourself a community http://shoryuken.com/f306/how-grow-start-tatsunoko-vs-capcom-competitive-scene-your-area-245510/ Good luck :3

brawl isn’t even a real fighting game D: its a children’s card er party game. pick meta knight and you win.

Even if Brawl isn’t a real fighting game, the tournaments are huge, and the payouts are amazing. You can badmouth it all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that it gets a LOT of play, and that’s the point I was making; TvC is awesome, but it doesn’t get as much play as other games.

Who plays TvC in the midwest? Ski and Keits are the only ones I know.

I’ve gotten top 3 at a few tournaments in Chicago and Ohio, but I feel I have more work to do to actually have that be an actual reflection of my level. There was decently large skill gap between 2nd place (I think it was usually Franky?) and 3rd =/

There’s a few smash players in MN who are starting to try and play this game. We all are scrubby right now as far as I know though. Hoping to grow the community in my area though, there’s always hope.

ugh, it’s like people don’t want pick up a challenging balanced game. they rather stick to the broken, easy games. i mean comeon we been bitching since mvc2 that we wanted a balanced fighting game well we got it and it’s underlooked :confused:

^yeah, i don’t get it either. this game is pretty damn balance, all things considered. thats one of the best things about it.

I should have played with you guys! Too bad I moved hahaha!

This game is definitely worth buying if you have people to play against. It may not get all the headway it should be getting, but that doesn’t make it any less of a good game. Also, you said what people had said before EVO. Well, it is after EVO, and the game got some praise thanks to the community that has been supporting it. I can’t say much for this game because I have not participated much in the competitive scene, but this game is definitely not dead.

in MvC2’s defense, the game is challenging AND broken :lol:

The online community for this is pretty good. There are some really good players. Everyone who takes it seriously also takes the time to wire their wii and set up their routers properly so the lag isn’t that bad. Sure, its not identical to offline play but you can get used to it quickly. I would say that if you’re going to be playing offline tournaments, hold off until your scene has died.

Come on dude theres hella more.
Ski, Keits, Kurasa, Jmoney, Xing, Me, PJ, PRO, P-Chronic, Neon Geon. Come on now. Make sound like we were dead out here.