Did this guy remember me or something?

During Otakon 2008, I had beat this guy in Dead or Alive 4, 3-2, a pretty close win. At Otakon 2009, I ran into the same guy. When he asked someone a question, I answered him, and he told me, “Oh, I was talking to him.” and didn’t even turn to face me, and he seemed to be rather rude. Later on, I was playing this game against this other guy, and the same guy who happened to be his friend kept coaching my opponent and telling him what to do, despite the fact I was badly losing because I never played the game before. Did this guy remember me, or was he just a complete dick?

Did you remember this guy or something?

So this happened two years ago. Let it go.

Also most likely just coaching his buddy and nothing to do with you.

I’ve been over it, I was just asking a question and wanted to see if this happened before to anyone else. He even did this “gimme” gesture when I was lost and he said, “Give it here”.

Well, when I ran into him again, yeah. I forgot all about him after kicking his ass.