Did Tomo drop out when Guile was weakened on ST?


I was musing on how powerful Guile was back from the get-go, across the first three big-time SFII games, World Warriors, Champ Edition, and then Hyper Fighting. Tomo Ohira was pretty much the top US player back then, based on the Westcoast, but traveling around the States always looking for better comp (a bit like Ryu’s infamous ending clip at the time). He was of course a Guile player.
When the big changes in SF finally rolled around in 1994, with huge comeback Supers, everyone getting a reversal, and a generally successful attempt at balancing the tiers to a greater degree, making the whole cast seriously usable, Guile did take the hit (even though top Jap players like Muteki are a force to be reckoned with).
So really, just wondering, if the legend turned away from the scene at this point, either from his fave char just not having the firepower he once had, or more of a general ageing and maturing process, and/or a declining passion in the direction Capcom was going in the mid '90s?

He looked to be in his late teens or early 20s in the early '90s, so I guess he must be late 30s or early 40s now, and at the time, spoke of being very education and career focused. Who knows, maybe he is quietly and anonymously still playing Guile in the modern, online versions? :wink2:


Only Watson can answer that question


He was more interested in getting laid then playing fighting games.


Yeah, I think Tomo dropped out because he grew up and the time was not quite right for adults playing video games competitively.

And Guile was weakened pretty steadily throughout the progression of the SF2 series, not just in ST.


He got laid and said said “fuck off” to that Charlie flaming homosexual american known as Guile.


He went home to be a family man.


He stopped playing seriously after the BAMA tournament up in Norcal for Super SF2. Until then, he was largely considered the best player in socal, some say ever. There was a LOT of tough competition in those games, and he managed to consistently win the vast majority of his tournaments with a few exceptions.

He hated ST for the same reason a lot of OG guys do. Supers were the dumb “comeback mechanic” of its day. The match completely changes when certain characters gain a super, so much that it can often negate a well-played strategy.

Also he discovered girls, and life, and decided to be top tier at that. He doesn’t play at all anymore. No time between work and family and he has no reason to play again. He played SF4 recently against Noah as a promotion for Toyota (whom he works for).

He didn’t just use Guile. He played Honda and Gief when SF2 first came out, and did extremely well with both. He later choice Ryu and Guile as his main. Even in CE, CE bisons weren’t really a problem for him, since it was so difficult to catch him in his cheap ass traps in those games.

While he was training at Super Arcade, he got a chance to watch us play ST, but never tried it himself. He was more impressed with the super gun setups that we had at that time. According to Watson, the dude is still a beast at HF.