Did Triforce ever reveal that secret anti Chris G tech?


Remember about a month ago Triforce was going ham on twitter about some anti Chris G tech EMP had developed? I only watched top 4 matches and I didn’t see any EMP dudes there. I wasn’t able to watch the rest of the tourney was this tech ever show?


It was supposed to be Thor/Strange/Doom.

It wasn’t.


It was not working a 9 to 5 like a sucka


He’s just trying to hype things up and get some attention.


It could work but you cant just become a really good thor out of thin air…


Which EMP member was using this team?




How close did he get to beating Chris G? Did this tech debut at ECT or at an earlier tournament? I haven’t been watching streams lately so I’m out of the loop. I was just reminded of this because Triforce was getting hype on the mic when Flocker was winning and I was like wtf I thought this nigga said his team was gonna take Chris G out.


Dieminion tried it at a Salty Battle and a Battle Circuit, and it’s never been seen since.


After the last ECT tournament I’ve been giving serious thought to whether ChrisG purposefully threw his match against flocker so that his friends could bet against him and score cash. If you think about it, it makes more sense for him to throw matches and make more money than to legitimately win. Is this crazy talk?



Even if it wasn’t, Flocker still deserved that win.


Personally i think that whether triforce said or showed anything on this subject…i think that the tech to take out chris G’s team has always been there…it’s just been like most other characters in this game…overlooked completely…


Does anyone take Triforce seriously? Legit question.


How old is that guy seriously? He must be pushing 40 soon. I remember him being the 30-year-old dude that wears a Nintendo power glove to tournament events and that was at least 8 years ago.


Anyone got a link to footage of this?


Don’t bother, it’s just Dieminion flailing around with Thor and not getting anything done and getting 3-0’d anyway. Nothing interesting to be seen.

A quick search on YouTube would probably turn up results if you’re really curious, though.


Did Triforce say anything entertaining after the blowup?


Not me and nobody should.

Also anyone got a link to the match?


i think the secret tech is Flocker joining EMP


The tech was already confirmed to be Thor/Strange/Doom.