Did we get the shaft with the 360 version of King of Fighters XII?

I just got this game yesterday, and from the moment I booted up I noticed something was off…

I’ve been comparing it to the PS3 japanese demo and it based on that it looks like the 360 version is worse… I’ve noticed some very minor slowdown and the “loading” image at the bottom of the screen between rounds, something that doesn’t exist in the PS3 version. (The loading is still there, but the word “loading” doesn’t show up, just a black screen, which looks a lot smoother).

Also the anti-aliasing looks better on the PS3 (the default filter is OFF on the demo), I’ve compared Kyo’s flames between the two, and the PS3 does a better job at smoothing the edges.

Has anyone ever heard about any comparisons between the two? I’ve split because in one hand, I have all my fighting games on 360, since I’m pretty good with the controller and I have a SF joystick Tournament Edition, and I’m not really keen on the PS3 controller for fighting, but on the other hand I give a lot of value to the flow of the fight… Everything seems to click just right on the PS3 version.

Any patches on the way that might fix it (it’s a long shot, but it doesn’t hurt to ask).

Thanks in advance to anyone that takes the time to discuss this!

By the way, I got the European version, just thought I should add that.

KoF section. Also, this stuff seems pretty nitpicky. Time to man up.


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No doubt about it, nitpicky stuff, but I’m a perfectionist about those things, what can I say? :rofl: But still I would appreciate to learn a little more about it, even if just for a matter of curiosity.

By the way, would somebody please guide me to the KOF Section? I have looked for it before posting this but I’m still kinda new to the SRK Forums :sweat:


Except for how Sony and Microsoft got the patch to fix the netplay on the same day, and Sony released it about a week later (8/31/09), while Microsoft is giving those who support it a fuck you that they can no longer deny (as opposed to the passive-aggressive fuck you’s that m-soft fans claim ps3 owners are making up when we point them out), and STILL hasn’t released it, nor do they appear to have any plans to do so. Shame, really. The netplay is fucking awesome, even against those with bad connections. There’s only minor input lag…and that’s only if it’s a mexican player.

Microsoft’s been giving it’s followers the shaft forever cuz they forgive so much of it’s bullshit, starting with that rrod crap.

Here’s where you want to go, kof_killer http://forums.shoryuken.com/forumdisplay.php?f=307

Most all of us got the shaft with XII regardless of what system we bought it on. The online is simply broken, even post patch. Some people say the online is fixed on the PS3 while others say the input lag is so bad you can hit a button and touch your forehead before that button registers on the screen. I’m not sure who to believe but if their isn’t a large consensus saying it’s fixed, I’d go with that notion.

I’d imagine the patch will have the same results for the 360, but at least there’s a slight hope it’ll make things better for the game. It’s ridiculous that we haven’t seen its release yet though.

As for all that other graphical bullshit, I honestly don’t care. I just want to play this game online.

The ones saying ps3 online is not fixed and still laggy are exaggerating or don’t have their ports forwarded…or playing on wifi, or sharing a connection wirelessly with either others in the house, or someone who is leeching their wifi without them knowing. I play at least 8 matches a day (my job picks up in the summer, resulting in less time at home for leisure stuff), and even against red players I don’t have any lag most times (except against spanish-speakers in other countries who show up…we need a kick feature, dammit), if there’s any at all. Everything moves at offline speed as long as US players stay away from Mexico, hk, Brazil and Japan. My dsl service is only 1.5mb dl per second and even less on the upload, and I’m not having any problems.

I think it’s bitter-sweet for 360 users. On the one hand, the online in KoF XII is broken, but on the other they have KoF '98 UM and Garou: MotW to download and enjoy. All we have on the PSN is a really lousy PS1 port of KoF '99. If they’d given us the DC version, that would kick ass, but they didn’t.

It’s hard to enjoy '98UM and Garou when the netcode is just as bad as KoFXII and definitely isn’t gonna get patched. The '98UM release is stripped down bullshit missing half the content from the arcade/PS2 release with poor translation for the rest…

I just want the 360 Patch before October 27th, is that too much to ask?

Yes it is. That’s like asking for KOF 98 UM to come to PSN.