Did you buy Darkstalkers Ressurection? Do you support the franchise for a Darkstalkers 4?

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WTF!! http://the-magicbox.com/ J U L 2 2 , 2 0 1 3 Street Fighter series producer Yoshinori Ono said that there is no current plans for a new Darkstalkers / Vampire game, due to lackluster sales of Darkstalkers Resurrection. “Darkstalkers Resurrection did not perform as well as we would have liked to perform.”

There are tons of signatures made for Darkstalkers 4, yet almost no one bought Darkstalkers Resurrection.
The fanbase is fragmented and inconsistent, I tell you. And Darkstalkers Resurrection is awesome, it may not have the PS1 edition and stuff but they
are still worth buying and supporting for a Darkstalkers 4. What is up with the fighting game community? They only care about Street Fighter and other franchises with oversaturated and overmilked sequels?

Darkstalkers should get more support by the fighting community, and fans should put their money where their mouth is.

Yeah because people want to pay again for games they already own in order to get a new one.
Stop being a Capcom sheep and think. All those people that signed that petition want DARKSTALKERS 4, not VS/VH repackaged…

Somebody close this shitty thread before it gets worse(because it WILL get worse)

The only thing shitty here is your shitty “logic”.

When you are dealing with a company, you have to play by their rules, otherwise you will lose any chance of getting a Darkstalkers 4.
It’s like a child being rebellious towards their parent and want their dessert without eating their vegetables first.

The child wants to bitch and not take the vegetables for their reward? No dessert for them.

The only win/win situation is for the majority of the fanbase to buy Darkstalkers Resurrection. Capcom tested the waters,
and entitled arrogant self absorbed bitching ruined any chance for a Darkstalkers 4.

Think bigger, kid. You’re a fool to think a petition is more important than sales of the latest Darkstalkers collection.

**What has the bigger influence. Words or money? You are the one that isn’t thinking smart. **

The thought of Dark Fighter 4 makes me cringe, angry, and nauseous all at the same time. Capcom is clearly incapable ATM to handle it properly so I’d rather nothing than some shitty sequel.

I bought it because I wanted it, not to support DS4 because;

a) Buying something in the hopes a company will make something else later is ****ing stupid.
b) I don’t trust whatever Ono would **** out and slap a “Darkstalkers 4” label on to be any good.

I would buy it but only in the hope of online play being good. This being my question: how many people play online?

TBH IDGAF. Some things are meant to end.

Pretty much a desert in there. Only gets active when it’s on sale for the 40th time since it released.

The game is a niche; this isn’t street fighter where people can immediately identify the cast. Honestly, as I’m sure with others, I only knew of Morrigan and Felicia. The game is too complex to enjoy it, although DS3 was enjoyable fast paced I just felt like I didn’t understand the game at all. People complain about SF4 or any SF game for that matter, but at least I can see what’s going on in the screen. When I saw a finals someone using Jedah, people were shouting how smart his gameplay was but I just couldn’t really identify, as a casual/newbie, how so.

Same reason why anime games are a niche, even though BB tried it by being slower. They’re just hard to understand from a visual perspective. That’s not anyone’s fault really, it just becomes a straight up “Either you understand it, or you don’t.” kind of thing. Anime games usually have some weird mechanics like Roman Cancels, Instant Air Dashing and other things that require a lot of education as they’re so fast. SF4 has the easiest to understand interface that I’ve seen in a while. Sometimes it takes playing other games to truly appreciate UI as a casual.

Let’s just say there’s enough games in the market right now, I don’t think adding another one would really give Capcom another leg up.

All that crap is negated by the fact of how popular is MVC3 despite sharing like 99% of what you described as what makes other games niches.
Also you mention the Roman cancel when we have FADC which is a poor implementation of the RC in the 1st place, or complain about the GUI when SF4 has the same amount of bars as the majority of FG’s out there. the amount of gymnastics that some of you make to justify your disdain to other non capcom games is just loltastic.

Tell me how that bolded part worked out for Microsoft and their Xbox One DRM policies.

Fact is, the company doesn’t owe the consumer anything. However, the reverse is also true as the consumer doesn’t owe the company anything, either.

If a company makes something you enjoy, you buy it, plain and simple. If they make something you don’t want, then keep your money in your pocket.
What you don’t do is buy some other shit they made in the hopes that they maybe, possibly, might consider making the thing you actually wanted; that’s being fucking stupid.

For the record, I ain’t mad at Capcom about being smart with their money and not risking millions of dollars on a DS 4 without testing the waters a bit. What I do take offense to is being told, “Buy this thing you already bought from us before, and we MIGHT make the thing you’ve been signing petitions for and asking us constantly about.”

I also don’t like sheep/yes men/paid trolls who heap shit onto the community for actually speaking with their wallets for once and not just taking whatever scraps are tossed onto the ground… You’re probably one of the 256 people who bought DmC and writes posts on Kotaku about how shitty gamers are for not buying that insult to the DMC fanbase.

Fuck outta here with this nonsense…

99%? What are you talking about? The combos and some situations get a little crazy, but people understand that’s the point of the game. Also, it’s entertaining. It’s like if you watched a sport you think is fun to watch Example: Baseball) but didn’t understand all the rules.

MvC3 is not complex for casuals to understand the core of the game. It’s about as party game as party games can be with A,B,C combos spam calling assists and other small details. What makes it fun? People can win with those basic strategies. It’s immediately engaging. Not all anime games has that special feature.

Being one of the major comic brands in the world plus Capcom’s trademark characters doesn’t make MvC3 a niche. Having monsters battle it out is. You don’t understand my point, would be appreciated of re-reading the perspective instead of mashing the flag button. FADC is clearly visual as it’s not as fast as Roman Cancels, also you can clearly see in the bar (Which is divided by four boxes) that two of them are removed at the expense of it. I’m saying the game isn’t easy for a casual to understand, which I’m sure is a justified enough reason.

where is the option for “didn’t buy DSR and don’t want DS4”, cause the chance of DS4 being a good and serious fg is very minimal given recent capcom’s track record and given this day and age of fgs

I’m going to copy paste my reply from another thread

I love the franchise and probably played Vampire Savior more than 95% of the commentors here (since it was on ggpo in 2007, attended EVO side tournies) but guess what…I skipped DS:R

It offers nothing drastically new to me.
I can already play it via emulation. Not to mention I have the more complete (minus online) PS2 collection that was like $20 even back then. Online competition is available thru GGPO.

I’m probably one of the few people as a franchise fan that didn’t take Capcom’s ‘Buy DS:R or no DS4’ bait. As much as I want to support the series, I refuse to pay $15 for something mediocre just so I can potentially see a new DS4.

Capcom shouldn’t be surprised a digital title that hardly got any coverage, didn’t sell to their whatever unrealistic expectations.
I’m sick of Capcom blaming the true fans that fans don’t support the franchise enough when they’re the ones that should be working a new DS (or IP) and GAINING new fans. Like They did it for SF4 and Mvc3.

I too thought numerous times ‘You know, I love Vampire and even tho DS:R doesn’t specifically interest me, I should probably buy it anyway just to ‘support the series’. $15 aint that much anyway’

But I never got around it.
I’m a PC gamer with a PS3 that gets booted up only for FGs not available on PC. I’ve boughen numerous AAA games on steam for $5~$10 and spending $15 for a game I know I’m not going to hardly bother with didn’t make sense.

Capcom’s ‘DSR is a measurement for a possible new DS(aka you guys that want a new DS better buy DSR)’ sly marketing is insulting as well. I’m just a normal consumer that makes decisions based on what is offered. If I didn’t have the PS2 collection maybe I woulda boughten it.
I applaud all the people that bought DSR ‘to support the future series’. I really do, seeing how Capcom treats this franchise and the genuine fans.

Man the amount of stupidity on that post is outstanding, LMAO
Like really?
Are you that stupid that you really think that the FDAC is more obvious than the RC when the RC can be done at any point of the move while the FDAC is akin to the FRC that is specific to certain moves and in specific frames of said move, not to mention that it has a more complicated input?
Really nigga?

And it doesn’t matter what amount of stupid shit you say to justify it, MVC3 is 100% equal to all the other air dashers that you deem as complicated, you really think that you can’t do simple stuff as ABC on other games?, LMAO

Like i already say, the gymnastics that all of you do to justify your disdain to other non capcom games are hilarious and sad at the same time.

Like i have explained on GD, i use flag because we don’t have an “stupid” button, a man needs to work with what it has you know.

I don’t think Darkstalkers is particularly complicated compared to lots of other fighters out there. Especially the first 2, which were largely based on the SF2 formula. I’d argue it’s less complicated than Marvel, since there are no teams, assists, tagging, or long complex combos.

Where’s the option for those who bought DSR, but don’t support a DS4? I’m all for a new Darkstalkers, but not by the current Capcom.

Guys dont worry. Those really bad screen shots that Ninja Theory put out awhile ago with that blue haired bitch that looks like a monkey?

Darkstalkers 4 story mode. Capcom realized how great an idea it is when they outsource to other developers and are doing it again. It’s totally the best thing ever



I support the franchise, unsigned the petition, and DO NOT want Darkstalkers 4, but DID buy Darkstalkers Ressurection.
I even bought the fucking books and comics and STILL don’t want Capcom to touch (molest) Darkstalkers.

Somethin’ like this but replace George and Steve with Capcom and Indiana Jones with Darkstalkers.

Translation: I have no faith in Capcom’s ability to make a good sequel because they will likely ruin it with insert comeback mechanic/gems/scrub friendly gameplay/obscene DLC practices but when it actually hits the market I will reluctantly pay full price on release day.