Did you buy STREET FIGHTER V? Then have some chill plz

Take a climb up Mt.Chill and have a can.

Let’s be real. There were a lot of things leading up to the idea that this would not be a perfect launch. A struggle to get consistency with the matchmaking after 4 betas, no d input support for PC, their youtube video for the game modes explaining almost nothing about the battle lounge or an arcade mode…it goes on. Yet, the one thing we all knew that whatever was coming on February 16th we would have to pay full new game price for. Technically that’s not even true if you have the PC version (you can get it for a lot less on PC), but for the most part for people that were buying the game we knew what we had to pay to get started and had a pretty good idea of what was coming.

Now people tend to be worried about the casuals. “Oh think of the casuals and how they buy the game and spend so much time with every game they buy and think of how Capcom’s wallets will be STUFFED to the brim with money while I’m struggling to buy the game day one to begin with”. Do we REALLY need to be concerned with this and all of the reviews in the year of 2016 where the 60 dollar AAA game format is starting to lose steam with all but the biggest of companies. When games that work on free to play models on PC are gaining money every single day? Why just stick to the old mold of whoring up as many day one disc sales as you can and hoping the review gods give you the scores you want and then release some packs and that’s it? Capcom knows that and that’s why they have set up something that will make money every day. That won’t be confined by the restraints of VGChartz sales.

If anything, SFV is proving that like Killer Instinct, depending on the archaic format of releasing a 60 dollar game isn’t really the best for fighting games or competitive games anymore. I think the only reason Capcom even went to sell the game on disc as retail for Sony people is just for the familiarity of buying something at the store. In the long run the game is more about making money daily far after release which with PC cross play makes things very likely as the PC fan base is much more in tune with this type of sales method than Sony console boys.

I never thought I’d have to tell people to calm down about STREET FIGHTER when I’ve had to support much more poverty games like Skullgirls and the first season of KI. A lot of people thought KI wouldn’t get past 1 season of sales and didn’t even think it would make it past 1 season at Evo. Rumors even went around that Season 2 would be the last year at Evo and now it’s confirmed that Season 3 will be at Evo. Here we are though, 2016 and I gotta tell people to chill about STREET FIGHTER. It’s almost insane, but that’s what makes life interesting I guess.

Here’s some reasons why you should chill and expect a game that will make many sales and keep eSports strong for the FGC for years.

  1. Reviews are NOT the end all be all for a game’s success. We are in the year of 2016 where MOBAs and FPSs with with toaster friendly graphics and mobile phone games that have way past mid life crisis Arnold advertising them making the most money. It would probably hurt a bit more if Capcom was just doing a few years and done thing, but Capcom has a plan to make this work for years to come with options to grind or purchase content that comes every day. That means money comes every day and not just in one big spurt of sales or whenever someone feels obligated to throw down 40 for a Kombat Pack.

  2. Capcom pretty much picked the perfect time to screw up a launch. NRS is about to be done providing content for MKX, Killer Instinct while coming out on PC soon still is a pretty abstract game that doesn’t have any way to purchase in disc form and still has had near zero tv commercials or any real heavy advertisment, Smash was still gonna beat us in sales and nearly tie or beat us for FGC entrants any way and the rest of the games at Evo will still make less money or already have made less money than SFV will over the next 6 years.

  3. We live in an era where it’s easier to use word of mouth and sharing to get the word of a game across. Yeah sure, game got some not so great reviews, but people can still make their own opinions and game share a game over a PS4. Whenever you want to try out a game it’s as simple as bothering one of your PSN friends who has the game. If you end up playing or seeing something you like, then bam you’re back in there. I would imagine there’s something similar for Steam/PC and even if there isn’t, again they are the prime user base that is comfortable with this type of business model and they can purchase it for a much cheaper price on some websites than 60 bucks.

  4. We’re still most likely set to have bigger numbers at Evo for SFV than we did for SFIV. All of the people who went to Evo for SFIV are most likely ready for the transition to SFV and that momentum will still carry big for V. You get people into a new game that’s more accessible and has the hype of brand new characters coming to it monthly and you have a recipe for something that people can competitively get hype about before and far after Evo.

As for those that hopefully didn’t buy, but want to talk shit and act like this game won’t go nowhere and isn’t already set up to make money everyday for 6 years…


In the end, if you DID BUY THIS GAME have some damn pride, chill yoself down, and play some damn STREET FIGHTER.

Nah man…game’s dead. Time to pack it up. We’re going to sF4!!! Of course we’ll be taking this with us. AND THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO STOP US!!!

Wait a minute…Why isn’t sF4 at tournies anymore? Yo this is bullshit…I’m sueing someone.







I agree with The Know, very good video :slight_smile:

Admittedly the video was pretty fair and like most of the reviews out there, they’re pretty passively optimistic and hoping that it does get better. Most all of the reviews set the same tone that they know there is a good base product gameplay wise.

“Muscle wasn’t built in a day!”

These niggas don’t understand the game is modeled to profit for the long term instead of the initial first two months. They know the content is coming. They can always wait it out if they truly want it. In many cases it’s always better to wait on a game.

They do know. They just thought the asking price of 60$ is not fair in the short term.

They said that Capcom should’ve sold the game cheaper in the beginning to reflect it’s new business model, then scale the cost of the game as it went on. That way, when average joe buys SF5 for 60 dollars expect a 60 dollar game, he won’t feel screwed over.

This is a fair criticism. I can’t see how it cannot possibly be.

I would have enjoyed playing SFV with all its limited modes if only the netcode is not as bad as it is now.

Lmao r u fucking serious OP. Did u really just say Capcom picked the perfect time 2 screw up a launch. U sir are a PR Genius.


I don’t usually agree with Max, but he makes sense here.

I havent played the beta nor the actual game yet. I own it on PC and PS4… I just know that its not gonna be ready 100% yet so I support the cause but I’ll play when all the shit is polished off better (or when they add Rose or Poison) WHATEVER comes first!

I don’t want to get too into it at the begining then have them nerf something i love about the game also. Happened to me with Seth in SF4 vanila… loved this character then when they released Super SF 4 they nerfed everything about him and it actually made me so mad that I quit SF 4 till ULTRA came out. I missed all the shit in between cause I was so hurt by the changes to my main at the time.

i thought this was a post about some sort of redemption code for a free soda


The thing is they could have handled the launch much more gracefully. Releasing it on PS4 as a digital-only “Tournament Edition”, on Steam as an early access title, and then releasing the game when it was more complete in June would have garnered overall the same or better net sales but without all the negativity. Other games have recovered and excelled after a lukewarm/bad launch (CS:GO) but they went ham on the updates and improvements. I honestly think Capcom lacks the experience to do that. The little bit of Japanese arrogance/insularity left is preventing them the most, I feel. They refuse to look outwards for advice on several things like netcode/controller support. Hell, on their PC version they literally just used the UE4 engine’s default presets for quality settings even though many of them are completely inappropriate for a game like this and I’m sure as hell that they barely tweaked the profiles for the PS4 version. I doubt how much better the waiting time to playing time ratio will get better, too.

Don’t get me wrong. I already know this game will dominate the tournament scene and get lots of views on Twitch every major because overall they’re on the right track with their business model. I just feel that the little possibility there was of growing a huge player-base to get closer to the level of many mainstream online games is completely gone now.

I know it was a shitty situation because the alternative was that they either piss off their Japanese investors by releasing later and possibly lose access to their funding in the future. But still, man.

Fuck all this situation and all the internet bitches complaining, with 64% of me feeling “better without them”


i want theyr money in SFV

So while i see as sad all the whining, i’ve to admit Caplol is being hilarious bad at manage the situation.

Example we should already know date for March dlcs, shop and have already seen a fuckin Alex trailer

Game need some positive news, and they keep stay silent

The meat of that argument doesn’t make a lot of sense. The problem isn’t that Capcom used an archaic $60 retail package method to sell the game. The problem isn’t that they used a free-to-play long term money method. The problem is that they did both. When you try and grab the benefits of selling something by using two hugely conflicting methods, you’re bound to justifiably piss some of your fans off.

Moving that aside and taking this at face value, there were still ways Capcom could have made this an easier dive for everyone that wouldn’t have taken any more effort on their part. Put a sticker on the retail package with the dates of added features. Put a disclaimer on the digital versions of the game. Put an Arcade mode in and move the lazy Survival and Prologue modes to the March or later backburner. Fill out the menu options for every known future addition and place some kind of Under Construction label on top with the month it’s coming.

Last I checked Street Fighter V is a AAA title and not an F2P project

Because we’re not in the 90’s anymore and such release system is fucking stupid

It entirely depends on what the game itself offers and if the 60$ pricetag carries any value at all. Tekken 6 certainly did. MKX certainly does. GGXrd certainly does. SFV does not. Hell, KI started out as an F2P downloadable title
And Capcom shouldn’t and isn’t prioritizing either platform

All of the mentioned games cater to completely different audiences.
Street Fighter 5 is gambling on the SFIV’s success and attempts to atrract that audience + gather new fans across generations
Skullgirls is an indie title that might or might not have fallen commercially
KI betted on nostalgia as it’s been like 15+ years since KI2 on SNES. KI also started out in a barebones state and worked its path to what it is today overtime, and people might just not be willing to wait so long until the game is “complete”, especially considering the selection of fighters across other platforms, and people who own Xbox One didn’t spend 500$ for KI alone in November 2013

Reviews leave a big impact on the casual audience, even though there are people smart enough to not completely trust what the reviews say, as they often might be bought or biased. But regarding SFV, almost EVERY single review is saying “yeah the game is great but you might wanna hold off on purchasing it as of now”, and in one month many of those people who read such reviews might not even look at SFV at all, especially when you have MKXL releasing March 25th, and look how well that game resonates with the casual audience and how many copies were sold by NRS

How is it a reason to be chill? This is arguably the main Capcom game in the last 8 years since SFIV and they fuck it up by releasing the game in a state it is now, all just to cater to a couple of tournaments

That’s assuming said person is even willing to pay 60$ and THEN lend it to a friend, when this person might be disappointed with the game and just say "I can’t recommend it just yet. Nevermind the Steam refunds where Capcom instantly loses the 60$ initially paid for the game

We don’t know that yet nor can we assume so. SFIV and SFV are not the same game, it took SFIV nearly 8 years to gather 2000 entrants at EVO, some are just straight up disappointed with the game in general, and, while Street Fighter is no doubt a mainline game for EVO, it’s not THE main discipline and other titles also bring big numbers. If you take SFIV out of EVO '15’s equation - you still get almost 8000 entrants total across other 8 games + sidetourneys that aren’t being done on the big stage

TLDR Capcom should’ve put an initial 30-40$ pricetag on the game and offer a 30-20$ Season Pass considering the current state of the game. They would still get the same 60$ from people who want everything at once, and it wouldn’t cause as much of an outrage over the launch issues and missing content as a 30-40$ seems much more fair for what SFV has inside now than 60$, when it’s basically comparing itself to other AAA tites that offer HUNDREDS of hours worth of content WITHOUT any DLC

its like no one saw the evo conference video in here

how much are you getting paid dude? this is kinda cringe

TL;DR: Capcom knows that it’s not going to be about making as much money as possible at launch; it’s about making money consistently over a long period of time.

It’s basically the same model that mobile developers use (or attempt to), applied to fighters, albeit in a more formal fashion; after all, Capcom and every other company that releases periodic updates of a base game has essentially being doing this since forever, but in a more staccato, less formal manner. i would say that KI showed them the way, but really, I think this path is inevitable for any serious competitive game/series.

They really should have called it “Street Fighter V: Prologue” or something though. This was clearly sent out early for Capcom Pro Tour. They also probably (definitely) should not have charged full price for it out the gate. I don’t mind personally, but it’s not worth the US$60 entry fee right now if you aren’t a competitive fighter.